Top Quarterbacks for 2020 Season?


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Just a heads up since we are looking at the upcoming season the Massillon QB Catrone will be a really good one. Sure he has weapons around him but he will open some eyes. The kid has tons of heart and talent. He would start for almost every team in the state but was stuck behind Longwell for last 2 seasons.


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Baseless? Really? No person associated with or related to a Hoban player has been arrested in a steroids sting?
So if we follow your logic, we can assume that any player in a program that has a relative that is arrested for any type of impropriety, is guilty of that impropriety? Or the program is guilty of that impropriety?


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sounds like a great "team first" kid. after his knee injury, he should probably just play defense so that he doesn't jeopardize his football future
At the HS level is a damn good receiver /Tight end as well before he had to go play QB last year . Yes from all I have heard and know and have seen the few times I have watched him live , he is a flat out warrior as a competitor and a team first guy . People forget how good of a hoops player he is as well.