Top five players from your school


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Alex Davis (Forest Park) was far better player than Joe Fredrick (Greenhills) IMO
You may very well be right and you certainly are in a far better position than I to make that call. But I'd venture to guess that Joe Fredrick is still far more "infamous"!


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With Branham wrapping up his Irish career, it's time to update my Top 5 list for STVM

LeBron James
Jerome Lane
Curtis Wilson
Jayvon Graves
Malaki Branham


From Lakota East:

James Dews- Miami Hurricanes (All time leading scorer in Lakota school district history)
Mike Boyd-Concord(WV) University
Nick Kohs-Christian Brothers University
Nate Johnson-Akron
Bash Wieland-Bellarmine

Many others could have made this list. Lots of really good NCAA division 2 players have come from East over the years and some Division 1 as well.


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Another thread talks about the top 10 players from the State of Ohio. It got me thinking about who the top 5 players from some of these schools would be. I'll start off with my 5 for STVM, and, for old times sake, include Central-Hower even though it's shut down.


LeBron James
Jerome Lane
Curtis Wilson
Romeo Travis
Henry Baddley/Jayvon Graves (I never could figure out who was better!)
I think you can switch out Baddley for Malaki Branham. Both Graves and he belong in the mix, IMO.


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Shooting Guard 6'7 Ibi Watson Michigan Basketball
Shooting Guard 6'4 Joe Burrow Ohio State Football
Shooting Guard 6'7 Roger Bentley
Point Guard 5'11 Larry Hunter Ohio University. Like 700 college wins
Small Forward 6'5 Dave Bruning
No Whiting?


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Rossford Bulldogs

Lazelle Durden - Cincinnati
Jim Penix - BGSU
Greg Weber - Citadel
Mitch Kopystynsky- BGSU with teammate Scott Spencer - ?
Matt Gladieux - Toledo & Costal Carolina
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La Salle
1. Justin Orr
2. Jordon Crawford
3. C.J. Fleming
4. Haukue
5. Steve Esterkamp
Joe Gamfer (sp?). Purdue. Injuries cut his career short. Also Ted Duggins. Think he started varsity all four years. Don Hasselbeck. Played in NFL. Joe Sunderman (XU). All were all-city caliber.


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Hamilton Badin

Jerry Helmers-XU
Steve Eyl-IU(87 Champs)
John Richter-UD
Kevin McGuff-St. Josephs-OSU womens HC
Mark Pater-St Michaels
Matt Broerman-ISU
Ben Helmers-Miami
Mark Alfers-West Point


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Centerville is probably re-writing their best lineup right now. But the previous best would include...
- Greg Bills
- Ben Rhoda
- Chris Spears
- Matt Kavanaugh
- John McEldowney
- Mike St.Piere