Top 10 in Cincinnati


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LaSalle is long and athletic and I dont see the big from WH getting many opportunities due to turnovers and bad shots that LaS will force.
I can't see Walnut keeping it close. They don't have strong guard play and they are so poorly coached, they just can't hang with teams that can stop the big man.


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Updated as of 12/30/2019:

LaSalle (Should be 10-0 heading into Moe game)
Turpin (Game of the week vs Elder)
X (Probably the toughest stretch of games left: GXLSx2, Woodward, Taft, Cov Cath, Toledo Rogers
Elder (See Above)
West (VS Oak Hills Friday)
Oak Hills (See Above)
Princeton (Princeton has a chance to win 6 more in a row. They have beat Mason, WW, and Thurgood last 3 games)
Mt Healthy (Wont be challenged until mid January vs Aiken)
Mt Healthy is surely talented and athletic but can’t put them in top 10. They only beat Northwest 63-57 tonight and Northwest has been ravaged by injuries this year. I believe NW was minus 2 starters tonight due to injury.


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As much as I hate to say it, I don’t see Moeller making it to state this year. As others have noted, they lack a guard that can control the game. The lasalle amd East games are a toss up.


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Lasalle going 9-0 for the first time in what seems forever beating Roger Bacon 52-40. Next game is a big one. Moeller @ Lasalle 1/10 7:30


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Cincy D-1 Records as of 1/5/2020--6 weeks left in the regular season:

LaSalle -- 9-0
Lakota East -- 9-1
Moeller -- 9-1
Turpin -- 9-1

Walnut Hills -- 8-3

Mt. Healthy -- 7-0
Hamilton -- 7-1
Oak Hills -- 7-2
St. Xavier -- 7-2
West Clermont -- 7-2

Lakota West -- 6-3
Elder -- 6-3
Edgewood -- 6-3
Milford -- 6-5

Princeton -- 5-3
Goshen -- 5-3
Loveland -- 5-4
Western Brown -- 5-5

Harrison -- 4-4
Mason --4-5
Sycamore -- 4-6

Western Hills -- 3-4
Fairfield -- 3-7

Kings -- 2-6
Talawanda -- 2-7
Middletown -- 2-7
Winton Woods -- 2-7
Northwest -- 2-9

Colerain -- 1-6
Withrow -- 1-10

Little Miami -- 0-13


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Updated as of 1/6/2020:

Moe (Vs. LaSalle Friday)
LaSalle (Should be 10-0 heading into Moe game)
Turpin (Beat Elder by 3 and lost to Cov Cath by 4)
X (Probably the toughest stretch of games left: GXLSx2, Woodward, Taft, Cov Cath, Toledo Rogers
Oak Hills
Princeton (4 straight wins)
Elder (They are all over the place right now) Some games in the 70's and above others played in the 40's, they don't have an identity.

Close: Walnut, Mt Healthy
As far as the state, they certainly will have some competition this season but it will take a great team to knock them off in March.
Playing the local teams, I don't think they lose a game in the regular or post season (until state). I'd love to see it though!

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They aren't down, I do think 6-0 in the league but the games will be more competitive. St. X is recovering from the previous regime.

Carl Rick

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Don't know yet about the best teams statewide but look for Moeller to represent SWOhio in the Final Four.

Carl Rick

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No to Walnut, zero quality wins. WC, Turpin, and Mt. Healthy are opportunities to get one. Not sure how good Mt. Healthy is because their schedule is weak.
In 2013, we played Walnut Hills at XU in the regional final and lost in a hard fought battle.
They've had some good teams over the years. They used to get a number of kids from the same AAU team to transfer in to Walnut, not sure if they still do. I've heard this year's varsity team is not a typically strong Eagles team. I've also heard they have good underclassmen. If you can, check out their freshmen and JV teams.
Lancer I had the opportunity to watch the LS vs Walnut game. I was impressed how LS wore down Walnut late in the 3rd quarter, not so much by pressure defense, but by constantly attacking on the offensive end. Actually it was a pretty good game and I came away with a better feel for both teams. LS has a really good starting 5, but didn't get a lot from their bench. The play a totally different style at home, very aggressive. If they are allowed to play this style at Cintas or UD they will tough to beat. Walnut on the other hand has got feed their big more. Their guard play didn't exactly turn the ball over a lot, but they didn't make winning plays. Being forced to sit on the stage, I asked some fans if they had played like this all season, the guy said they play better with the Abernathy kid, but he is out for 4-6 weeks.

You were right they do have some good underclassmen, a couple of nice sophomores who start varsity. I actually watched the 2nd half of the FR game, which LS won by 3 and was impressed by the back court talent on both teams. The JV game was a barnburner won by Walnut at the buzzer, LS has a very talented left handed kid who kept them in the game. Walnut has some really talented JV kids, especially the 6'0 or so freshman guard that hit the game winner. I hope to get back for the Moeller game this weekend.


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My D1 for Cincinnati Power Rankings IMHO

1. Moeller

2. LaSalle

3. Oak Hills

4. Lakota East

5. St. Xavier

6. Turpin

7. Elder

8. Princeton

9. Hamilton

10. Lakota West

11. West Clermont