Top 10 HS Basketball Programs in Ohio


Congratulations to St.Edwards, VASJ, SVSM & Mentor for being 4 of the top 10 HS basketball programs in the state of Ohio in the last 10 years. Interesting that Mentor is the only public school making the list, but that does not take anything away from the catholic high schools. I feel it is a tribute to our area, recognizing us as a hotbed of HS basketball. Hope to see a couple more local schools up there in the near future.


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Why do u feel this is Bogus? It would be interesting to get different opinions.
Because Max Preps is always inaccurate, scores are wrong, schedules are inaccurate, records are incorrect. I have no problem with the teams perse' but the source; it's very opionated, and not factual. It's not like they have correspondents in each state.