There will be no inductees in the Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2021


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The National Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2021 is empty.

None of the 25 eligible candidates received the minimum of 75% of ballots cast to be elected, according to a news release from the Hall of Fame Tuesday. Of the 25, there were 11 new candidates and 14 returnees.

The last time the Baseball Writers' Association of America didn't vote in any players was in 2013, and this is also the first time since 1960 that there were no new hall of fame members in a single year, according to the Baseball Hall of Fame's website.


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I keep hoping that the voter will recognize the greatness of Omar Visquel. Best shortstop on the Majors while he played and had 2900+ hits.


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With Schilling not getting in, I don’t think we’ll see any voted in next year either.