The Official 2021 Cincinnati Reds Thread


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And as of now they haven't traded either. I take off season trade rumors with a grain of salt. They're released by baseball writers who are doing anything they can to grab a headline. Their options are FA, trades rumors or someone gets in trouble (see Mets, Angels and Mariners).

We've now moved to the roster move portion of the writers year
The one thing baseball has done a really poor job of is trying to stay relevant, most of the offseason it's crickets. Who knows if it's the teams, agents or writers who put this stuff out. But this can begin with an innocent question to a GM, "would you listen to offers for player X". If the GM say yes, than it's on!

I think Dee Gordon is going to given a chance to be our shortstop, maybe a playtoon with Farmer? He definitely gives us some speed...much needed.