The official 2021 Canton McKinley Football discussion


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Because it clearly helps the opportunity for students who want to chose their pathway through high school without asking them to move, come on 82 don't be silly, the numerous recruits you guys get is a definite advantage. And trashillon fans constantly argue about choice of the students who happen to go there. I would like McK to be an option of choice as well just like your school is. Obvious you HONK
See where you lose credibility is when you refer to kids moving to Massillon as recruits. Then say you want McKinley to have the same option of choice as Massillon but they are just transfers.


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I lose no credibility with anyone outside your burg.
Do you understand how someone not drinking the kool aid views your burg?
McK has a ways to go with obtaining an over zealous booster club...........that makes things happen

A definite advantage, tell me a high school program that wouldn't want to have that edge?


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Two sets of photos here. The originals that Sam Bourquin provided and then the same photos with what the 1 of 2 scoreboards will look like installed (keeping the old one in view as a comparison). That west end zone scoreboard will stand just a tad over 3 stories high, look close at Sam’s photos and you can see the framework to support it... And it’s McKinley football that will get the most use out of it. Lucky Pups.


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Awesome! Moving forward!!

Go Dogs!!! Here is a fun question kinda game for Bulldog fans that is played by different analyst on ESPN, so we can try it here.
Who is on the Mt. Rushmore of McK for football?
Definitely Marion Motley for starters....
Kempthorn would also be on mine. I haven't decided on the last two as of yet but plenty of possibilities.


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OK ohiopup,which McK football player had the longest career in the NFL?
Wayne Fontes
Player: 1 yr (1962)
Coach: 25 years (1972~1996)
Total: 26 Years

John Grimsley
Player: 10 years (1984~1993)

Josh McDaniels
Coach: 20 years (2001~2020)

Motley had 9 years as a player (1946~1953 & 1955)




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It's been a long time since the Bulldogs not having a incoming QB starter with a lot of potential,that position has controlled the offense for many seasons of late...BAM!