The Official 2019 Cleveland Indians Thread


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Unlike the last few years, there are more questions than answers about the Indians heading into 2019. Brantley is likely gone, which will hurt. Allen and Miller are probably out the door, as well, though that doesn't bother me as much. Alonso was a disappointment, Kipnis' contract is like a yoke on the collective neck of the front office, and the bullpen is a shambles and the outfield is underwhelming.

If you are the GM of the Tribe, where is your emphasis this off-season?
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Don't let the door hit you on the way out,go for those BIG bucks. He has to roll his sleeves up and start shopping for the best available,just like every year.


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Will Tribe fans be subjected to the atrocious spelling on this thread name all year? "Clevelenad"
Over the weekend a couple Indians beat reporters both said some of the same things. They do not expect Tribe to sign any of their own free agents. It seems Yandy Diaz is finally going to get a shot to be their everyday 3b as Jose stays at 2b. Kipnis has one more guaranteed year in 2019 at 14.5M so they do not expect to be able to trade him at that price so they are prepared to have him be their LF in 2019. Possible platoon in CF with Martin and Allen. Zimmer not due back until May of June off shoulder surgery. Tribe really wants to find a power bat for RF via trade or free agency. Like to find a couple power arms for bullpen too. They have Hand, Cimber, Olsen, Edwards and Otero under contract in bullpen.


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Looks like the Tribe are going Cheap Ball,listening to trades on almost everyone.


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They have eleven FA,so how many will be gone?

Michael Brantley LF
Andrew Miller RP
Cody Allen RP
Josh Donaldson 3B
Lonnie Chisenhall OF
Josh Tomlin SP
Rajai Davis OF
Oliver Perez RP
Melky Cabrera OF
Adam Rosales IF
Brandon Guyer LF/RF

Very possible none of these guys return. OF might be the worst in baseball next year if a long-term deal with Brantley is not worked out. I think he's the#1 priority of all these guys...
Brantley is gone as braves talking to him about 3yrs-45M deal. Kip in LF, Martin in CF and Naquin/Allen in RF as it is now. Zimmer will factor in when healthy. I think they trade Kluber for some more pop in the OF.


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No surprise here as Donaldson goes to the Braves on a 1 year, $23m deal. So much for the "prove it" deal for him. Sounds like Chisenhall will be joining the Pirates on a 1 year deal too.


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Interesting, if true...but dumb

Bob Nightengale

Teams talking to the Cleveland #Indians say the Indians are much more inclined to trade Trevor Bauer than Corey Kluber or Carlos Carrasco. Bauer has 2 years of club control left, but the only one of the starters with cost uncertainty. He has two arbitration years left before FA.

11:21 AM - Nov 27, 2018


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Fire sale has begun. :wallbang:

You have reason to believe that they aren't making salary room for an OF signing ? Don't believe in the catcher prospect that gave them the confidence to deal Mejia, Haase ? Mike Chernoff call you and say, "Well, y2h, the '19 roster is set now!"?

Don't get your knickers in a knot just yet. R-E-L-A-X


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You have reason to believe that they aren't making salary room for an OF signing ? Don't believe in the catcher prospect that gave them the confidence to deal Mejia, Haase ? Mike Chernoff call you and say, "Well, y2h, the '19 roster is set now!"?

Don't get your knickers in a knot just yet. R-E-L-A-X

Talk of trading Cy Young caliber starting pitching is clear evidence of a white flag raising.

How does the return for Gomes help the team this year, which should be the sole focus? The window to contend is now.


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Looking at the free agents that are left.
I would not mind seeing Cleveland signing any of these.
C Martín Maldonado
FB Lucas Duda
2B Daniel Murphy
SS Tim Beckham
3B Danny Valencia
LF Craig Gentry
CF Gorkys Hernández
RF Bryce Harper
SP Dallas Keuchel
RP Craig Kimbrel

Most for depth
* In case they do not resign their own free agents
Some fans need a reality check. With the rules of MLB right now, the Tribe is doing what smaller market teams have to do in order to compete. They maxed out their payroll at 135M last year and to try and contain it they have to make some moves. They have a huge amount of payroll in their starting rotation so they may have to move an asset there to obtain a bat for the OF. The Gomes trade hurts as it was a salary dump but they must believe in the guys behind him. Shopping EE and others does not hurt anything as you have to see what you can get for some pieces. They will have more room next year when EE and his 20M come off the books and Kipnis and his 15M come off. They will still be favorites to win Central but unless they get an OF with some pop they will fizzle in playoffs again....moving a starter may be only way to do that.


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Looking like EE to Seattle with Santana coming back to the tribe and yandy going to Tampa. They shed a little money but how does this help?

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Indians part of 3 team deal with Tampa and Seattle. Edwin to Seattle...Yandy to Tampa...and Tribe is getting Carlos Santana back along with Jake Bauers.


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And now it's being reported that Seattle will send Edwin to Tampa, not sure what's going back to Seattle. Not sure I like this deal. I know they were looking to move Edwin due to his salary, but Santa is making a ton as well. And we gave up on Yandy too.

Michael Bluth

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Santana >= Edwin, IMO
Seattle gave Cleveland $6M in cash as well.
Bauers supposed to be a decent prospect to replace Yandy