The Official 2019 Cleveland Indians Thread


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I think most Tribe fans, at a certain point in the 2018 season, knew the team feasted on a historically bad division and could not match up with the best teams in the AL. The sweep against Houston was predictable.

The AL Central is still so putrid the Tribe should win it again in 2019. What needs to be done, however, to turn it into a true contender?

- Time for Tito to go. He had a great run here, and is a great manager, but same as with Boston...the team is too comfortable and has tuned him out. Unfortunately, we didn't get a championship out of Tito like Boston did. I'm sure the inclination of ownership and front office will be to promote Sandy Alomar to manager, because this organization loves inbreeding. I would rather have an outsider who has experienced success and won't just walk in lock-step with the front office. Hello Mike Scioscia.

- Trade Cory Kluber for a proven hitter, preferably a corner outfielder. Do I want to trade him? No, but I think they could get a huge haul for him and still have good starting pitching. I would hold on to Kluber IF the front office would pony up the cash for a top tier free agent corner outfielder with a big bat. They won't.

- Install Brad Hand as the closer, and leave him there. I'm sure the next manager will do that, and not move him around from set-up to closer and back.

- Resist the temptation to re-sign Brantley, unless he offers a massive hometown discount. The fact he made it through this season healthy is an anomaly, IMO.

- Obviously do not even make an offer for Allen or Miller.

- Get Ramirez off the 'roids, so he can be a natural .300/20/100 hitter that sprays to all fields, and not a 40 HR pull-happy hitter.