The Friday Night Lights of High School Golf


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Most kids who play high school sports get to experience ‘the crowd’.

Play high school basketball or football, even at a small school, and the stands for a game will be full of parents and classmates, family and friends. The players in those sports get to hear the cheers of the crowd and enjoy the rush of adrenaline. That big-game feeling makes all the hours of practice time, training and sacrifice worthwhile.

High school golfers rarely get that same experience.

The attendance at most matches is just the players and coaches. A couple parents may show up for Sectionals, a few more at Districts. When a player or team makes it to Columbus to play in the state championship, then they get to feel the crowd. But those state championship players represent a small sample size of all high school golfers.

Dave Archer, the third-year varsity golf coach at Revere High School in Richfield, recognized that his players didn’t get the same level of attention or recognition as the players in other sports. So he did something about it.


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This is awesome! Hopefully more schools and courses can make events like this happen.