Team Camps or Shootouts

Are there any colleges in Ohio or neighboring states that are still planning on holding a high school team camp or one day shootout? Obviously, if things open up in June and July. Has any college not cancelled yet is probably the right way to ask?


Ohio school teams definitely won't be able to do anything until July. As of now, teams have unlimited coaching days in July and August. Shootouts and team camps will happen then.


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Once July hits then you run into the fall sports coaches and their programs. This has surely become messy for the sports enthusiasts. All of the shootouts and team camps I had registered for have since either cancelled completely or are hoping they can reschedule for July sometime. What are the chances in July that your soccer cross and volleyball kids show up?
Plus AAU events are at least planning on going on in July. I wonder if people will spend the money and still go to exposure events with no college coaches showing up?