Tate Martell to Miami (FL)


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I Guess QBs don't want to play in the cold and elements.

SEC does have the best footprint for talent so no surprise they get a lot of high end recruits
If cold weather is a deterrent to getting good QBs these kids are going to be shocked if they get to the NFL. The greatest QB of all time grew up in Cali went to college in Michigan and has played his entire career in New England....sounds like the warm weather QBs better study up on the legends of the game.

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Read where their are 19 Penn St. players in the transfer portal, also Minster grad. Ethan Wolf is in the portal ( I believe as a grad transfer at Tenn. ) don't know if OSU would be interested or not.


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Not the least bit surprised by the result or timing. Trying to bury the decision with March Madness this week. So sleazy.
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Miami Hurricanes QB Tate Martell losing luster, outplayed by N’Kosi Perry, Jarren Williams

...Head coach Manny Diaz said that Perry began the day with the first team offense because he nosed ahead after Thursday’s practice. Perry performed well with the exception of a couple of miscues in the red zone.

He overthrew receivers twice in the end zone are concerning. Perry has to work on his accuracy. He and Martell lag behind Williams in their efficiency in completing passes to receivers.

The first team Miami offensive line continues to shuffle around. First-team center Corey Gaynor did not play Saturday because of an injury. Navaughn Donaldson started the game at center with graduate transfer Tommy Kennedy also providing snaps.

Williams continued to be the most impressive and accurate QB on Saturday as he has been throughout the spring. He faced Miami’s first-team defense once and second-team defense twice on Saturday entering the fourth quarter according to Susan Miller Degnan and David Wilson of the Miami Herald.


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Miami Hurricanes QB Tate Martell losing luster, outplayed by N’Kosi Perry, Jarren Williams

Bad move on his part after seeing these QB'S the Buckeyes are trying to get ready to play.