Super Bowl: Rams vs Patriots (2/3) 6:30PM

Who wins?

  • Rams

    Votes: 8 40.0%
  • Patriots

    Votes: 12 60.0%

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Go Buckeyes
Rams defense has been good. Patriots has been great. Good news for the Rams is that they only trail by 3.


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Bellichick is a mastermind. I think McVay is on the path to being a great coach, but Bellichick is putting him in his place.


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"....and Edelman's not excited at all....." :D at Romo

I just love what Belichick does with smart, hard-working people. He's the GOAT Coach.

Edelman ain't too bad, either, but my son always reminds me that he was a Kent State QB after Josh Cribbs.


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Good defense certainly, but some pretty awful offensive miscues/misses.

Jared Goff looking like Jeff Fisher is coaching him.


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Why during the most important game of the Yr, do you have a 30 min halftime? Enough of the gimmicks, play the game.
So that the middle aged women tuned in for the commercials can get a dose of Adam Levine to add to their bank.


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Once again the NFL shows their true colors. Phantom holding call while Rams are driving. Same old same old