Successful miling by former ohio champs!

It's been awhile since I last posted (Late March!) and a lot has happened with our Ohio mile alums.

Clayton Murphy currently owns the fastest mile time in the US at 3:51.99. That came at the Pre Classic at Historic Hayward Field where he took 5th in a world class field. Clayton is now #2 on the Ohio All-Time list, trailing only Tom Byers (3:50.84, 1982).

Colby Alexander missed 3 months between Mid Feb and Mid May with a calf injury. After running an indoor mile PR at the Wanamaker mile at the Millrose Games in NYC, he missed the next 3 months and it looked as if his outdoor season was in jeopardy. After only a few weeks of training he debuted at USA's with a 3:42 in his 1500 heat, just missing the last qualifying spot to the final. The next week at the Portland Tracktown Summer Series, he almost stole the race against a field that was basically the same field as the USA final. His time of 3:37.86 was only 4 tenths from the win. Four days later he ran 3:36.10, only a second off the win at the TT Summer Series final against the same field in NYC. That time is the #6 time run in the US so far this year. At this rate of improvement, it could be a great summer for Colby!

Sam Prakel has a year left at Oregon but he's already making a splash on the national level. Sam was a 1500 finalist at the USA Championships (7th) and has run 3:37.79 for 1500. That's equal to a 3:55.21 mile. Oregon makes their mark churning out world class milers!

Cory Leslie ran a 3:38.10 at Swarthmore. That converts to a 3:55.55 mile.

Ryan Adams (CVCA HS), a soph at Furman, ran 3:42.90 at the Raleigh Relays. That is a 4:00.73 mile equiv. Will he become the 24th Ohioan to run sub 4???

Or will it be Indiana frosh, Kyle Mau (Hudson HS)?? Kyle ran 4:00.37 indoors this year. Missed by the blink of an eye!
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Also, related to my last post, here are some Ohio alum that are on the brink of breaking 4. But as we all know, those last seconds and tenths are the toughest to take off!

Mick Stanovsek...Notre Dame Cathedral Latin HS....U of Oregon frosh....ran 4:02.69 for the Ducks.

Along with his 3:42.90 for 1500, Ryan Adams, (CVCA HS), soph Furman, ran 4:02.73 for one mile.

Jacob Dumford (Westerville North HS), SR at Notre Dame, ran 4:02.77.

Willy Fink (Maumee HS), SR at Eastern Michigan ran 4:02.88.
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In the above post regarding Ohioans that have been running fast miles lately, I forgot to mention Brannon Kidder. Brannon (Lancaster HS) PR'd in the 1500 in Europe recently, running 3:38.71 in London just a few days ago, on July 9. Brannon presently runs for the Brooks Beasts based out of Seattle.
Sam Prakel makes All-Time Ohio Mile list!

Oregon junior Sam Prakel (Versailles HS) ran a 3:55.89 mile in Cork, Ireland, on July 18, for his first win on the European circuit, to put himself in at #9 on the All-Time Mile list for Ohio milers. Sam knocked Ohio legend Bob Kennedy out of the top ten!! That's as much of an accomplishment as the 3:55!!
The 2017 Pro track season is winding down but we still see bits and pieces of news from some of our Ohio alum.

Clayton Murphy will be joining the Nike Oregon Project and will be relocating to Portland. He'll be joining Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Centrowitz and another new NOP signee, Craig Engels, to form a solid miler training group.
This is also being discussed in another Clayton Murphy thread on Yappi.

Colby Alexander has rebounded from injury with some good races lately. Colby missed 3 months of training heading into outdoors but has come back strong.

After running a US #6 ranked 1500 3:36.10 (3:53 mile equiv) at the Tracktown Summer Series final, Colby raced only his 3rd 800 since HS, running 1:47.00, only 2 tenths off the win at the Liege Meet in Belgium.

He followed that up with a win at the Westchester Mile in a tactical race. With a 25 second last 200, Colby edged Garrett Heath, Craig Engels and Riley Masters for the win in 4:00.1. Two weeks later, in a field that featured a bevy of Olympians and National record holders, Craig Engels turned the tide on Colby by taking the win in the Falmouth Elite Mile. Engels outkicked Colby and 2-time Olympic 1500 medalist Nick Willis (NZ) to win another slow tactical, kickers race in 4:00.1. Willis and Alexander crossed the finish line one and two tenths behind Engels in a blanket finish.

The season is winding down but a couple high caliber mile races remain. The Hoka Long Island Mile (track) is Sept 6th. A world class field featuring Nick Willis (NZ) , Chris O'Hare (GB), Johnny Gregorek (US), Ryan Gregson (Aus) and a slew of world class milers will be aiming for a fast time in honor of David Torrence. Daniel Winn will be setting a pace geared toward 3:50/3:52.

On Sept 10th the NYRRC will host the world's most competitive road mile, the 5th Ave Mile in NYC. Last year 3 Oregon Ducks took the honors. Eric Jenkins (NOP), Matthew Centrowitz (NOP, 2 weeks off his Olympic Gold performance), and Colby Alexander (Hoka/NJNYTC) raced to the fastest top 3 finish in the history of the event. Jenkins edged out Centro and Colby 3:49.5 to 3:49.6 to 3:50.3. Colby and Jenkins will be back as part of a 22 man star studded international field.

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Weather doesn't look good for Wed's LI Mile. Hope the forecast is wrong. I'd love to see that all-out assault on a fast time by this great field!

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Great Documentary!!!!

If you haven't seen this, sit back, relax and watch one of the coolest running documentaries I've seen in recent years. It's about some of our top USA milers making an excursion to Alaska in search of the Sub 4 minute mile. It had never been done outdoors on Alaskan soil. They attempted it at the end of September and, as you can guess, the weather was not cooperative.

Alaskan native and former Oregon All-American, Trevor Dunbar, came up with the vision and Run Gum helped fund the documentary.

Oh yes...Ohio native Colby Alexander (Strongsville, Oregon) is featured in the video as one of the milers in the group, along with Olympian Ben Blankenship, Kyle Merber, Garrett Heath, Trevor Dunbar and a few other studs.

Tip: when you click on the video, click on "cc" on the bottom of the video. That will bring up closed caption. It will enable you to catch all the conversations without missing anything.


Kyle Mau (Indiana) and Mick Stanovsek (Oregon) broke the magic 4 minute barrier today, becoming the 24th and 25th Ohio schoolboys to do so.

Kyle ran 3:59.15 at the Indiana Relays, winning handily and (for the moment) was ranked #1 in the NCAA for the indoor mile.

A few hours later at the most iconic indoor track in America, the NYC Armory, Mick Stanovsek ran an NCAA #1, 3:57.90, winning his heat and becoming the 7th fastest indoor miler in Oregon history.

Mick is a redshirt sophomore. He walked on at UO and wasn't fast enough to run for the team so he ran club track his frosh year. His perseverance and drive to achieve his dream is a great story. His rate of improvement is nothing short of remarkable!!
Thanks for the heads up LoveCrossCountry!!

Michael Hall, a St. Xavier graduate and redshirt junior at Florida State University, broke the magic 4 minute barrier February 10th at the David Hemery Valentines Invitational in Boston.

Michael's time of 3:59.37 netted him a 5th place finish in the race won by Craig Engels in 3:53.93.

Michael becomes the 26th Ohio schoolboy to break 4 minutes for the mile.

Congrats to Michael on joining the elite sub 4 club!!


Originally Posted by State The Obvious View Post

Why is Sam Bair missing from the above list? He didn't attend HS in Ohio. He was from Pa. He did, however, run sub 4 for Kent State in 1967.
Because the list says LIST OF OHIO SCHOOLBOY MILERS WHO HAVE GONE ON TO BREAK 4 MINUTES FOR THE MILE, not Ohio college students.

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What is everyone's thought on the recent increase in the number of men breaking the 4 min mark?

Ohio had none from in '94 to '02. Since then 17 has run under 4 which includes 3 for the 1st time in the last 2 months.

The first reason has to me more talented runner than ever before. Besides that what are the biggest reasons.

More mile races so more opportunities?
More focus on breaking 4?
Better training/nutrition/equipment?
Now that more men are breaking 4 mentally it is not as intimidating therefore easier to run that fast? Plus just to compete for win now have to run that fast.


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Much better equipment and much better indoor facilities. Oh, and they run the mile. I did not run a single mile indoor or outdoor except for 4xmile relay once. Have to run it to break 4
Good question CC Track Fan. I'm not sure there are that many more more opportunities to run the mile these days tho. Of course indoors there are plenty of mile races but outdoors the mile isn't run that often, particularly in college. The 1500 is the official distance outdoors. Even on the pro level, the national championship, World Championship/Olympics are all 1500's. Back in the day, particularly in the U.S., the official indoor AND the outdoor distance was the mile.

A bigger impact these days is the fast indoor tracks. It's much easier to break 4 indoor than outdoor. No weather/wind to contend with. Additionally, in the old days the tracks were much shorter. Most tracks were 10, 11, 12, even 13 laps to the mile. Today we have super fast 200 banked tracks and 300 meter tracks. Combine that with no wind and favorable temps every time and that equals more sub 4's.

Also when the mile IS run outdoors, a sub 4 outdoors, IMO, is a tougher task than a sub 4 indoors. My observation is that the major factor in the plethora of sub 4's lately has been the longer, faster indoor tracks. Just look at the list of sub 4 Ohio guys . The last 5 to do it all did it indoors (the first time they broke 4).

It would be a shorter list if we published a list of Ohio schoolboys that have broken 4 outdoors.

DISCLAIMER: Having said all of the above, breaking 4 ANYWHERE, whether it is indoor, outdoor or on a legit road course, is super human stuff. I mean to take NOTHING away from any of our Ohio guys that have broken 4 indoors but not outdoors. They are ALL in rarified air running that fast!
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Prakel, stanovsek earn all-american

Sam Prakel and Mick Stanovsek, 2 Ohio Oregon Ducks, earned All-American honors last weekend at the NCAA D1 Indoor Championships in Arkansas.

Multiple time career All-American, Prakel, took 3rd in the Mile, only tenths from the win, clocking 3:58.59.

Stanovsek had a bit of bad luck, getting tripped up and falling in his heat and failing to qualify for the final. At one point this indoor season, Mick had the top Mile time in the NCAA at 3:57.

However, Stanovsek had already earned his 2nd career All-American honor on Friday night running the 800 leg on the 3rd place Oregon DMR. Mick got the baton in 3rd and pushed the Ducks into 2nd at the handoff with a 1:48.75 leg.

Ohio Boys making a difference at the highest level of collegiate track!!

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Regarding your last post about Ohio connected All-Americans, Kyle Mau anchored Indiana's Distance Medley to a 7th place finish. Kyle got it in 7th and held 7th, running 4 flat and some change, to earn AA for the Hoosiers.

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Some great miling by 3 former Ohio HS mile studs.

Sam Prakel and Mick Stanovsik ran 3:39.75 and 3:39.96 to finish 3-4 in the 1500 meter run at the Stanford Invitational last weekend. That was a PR for Mick.
Those 1500's convert to 3:57.33 and 3:57.55 mile times.

Jacob Dumford (Westerville North) a 5th year Sr at Notre Dame, also ran a 1500 PR at Stanford last Saturday, racing to a 3:42.04. That is the equivalent to a 3:59.80 mile. Jacob has a 4:02.77 mile PR (indoor).
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The Sam and Mick show continues...

Sam Prakel and Mick Stanovsek both ran 1500 PR's, as 4 Oregon Ducks broke 3:40 at the Bryan Clay Invite at Azusa Pacific today.

That very well could be the first time in NCAA history that 4 athletes from the same school broke 3:40 in the same race.

Prakel led all Ducks with a PR 3:36.84, equal to a 3:54.18 mile. Next came James West at 3:37.41 (3:54.80) and FRESHMAN Reed Brown at 3:39.56 (3:57.12), followed by Ohio Duck, Mick Stanovsek in a PR 3:39.82 (3:57.40).

Sam's 3:36.84 now ranks #8 on the All-Time Ohio 1500 list!
Penn relays

Jacob Dumford, former Westerville North State 1600 Champ (2013), now running as a redshirt senior at Notre Dame, came sooo close to becoming the 27th Ohio schoolboy to break 4 minutes in the mile on Saturday at the 124th running of the Penn Relays.

Jacob took 5th overall in a star studded field in the Roger Bannister Memorial Mile at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, and came agonizingly close to going under the magical barrier, stopping the clock at 4:00.00.

Here's hoping Jacob gets a few more shots at it.

Interesting note: When Jacob won the 2013 State 1600, he beat two athletes that have gone on to break four flat. Both St. Xavier's Michael Hall and Hudson's Kyle Mau achieved the feat earlier this season (indoors).
More Penn Relays

At the 124th annual Penn Relays Carnival in Philly this weekend, Colby Alexander and America's #1 ranked miler for 2017, Johnny Gregorek, had a neck and neck duel right to the finish in the Roger Bannister Memorial Mile Run with Johnny getting the win, pulling away from Colby in the final 75 meters for the win, 3:54.94 to 3:56.02.

Since they added the Mile Run to the meet in 1929, only 3 winning times have been faster than Colby's runner-up 3:56.02. In 1974, Tony Waldrop set the meet record of 3:53.2, in 1977, Kenya's Wilson Waigwa ran 3:54.04 and Saturday Gregorek ran 3:54.94.

At this point in the outdoor season, according to Track and Field News, Johnny and Colby now own the fastest two outdoor mile times in the world as of April 28th.

This was the season opener for both Colby and Johnny. Pretty good start to the season for both, I'd say!!

The wind, as usual at Penn, wreaked havoc with the runners, with the biggest victim being Jacob Dumford. On a day with less wind, the former Westerville North star's 4:00.00 is easily his first sub 4. Jacob took 5th in a stacked field.
Willy Fink Does It!!!!

2012 Maumee grad and Eastern Michigan alum, Willy Fink has become the 27th Ohio schoolboy to go under 4 minutes in the mile. CONGRATS to Willy!

Willy ran 3:59.44 last night at the Wingfoot Mile at Emory University in Atlanta, placing 3rd.

Also running was Ryan Adams (CVCA, Furman U). Ryan placed 6th in a PR 4:01.16.

Ryan and Jacob Dumford (4:00.00) (Westerville North, Notre Dame) are bidding to become #'s 28 & 29!!
Hello fellow Yappers! After taking a lengthy sabbatical from social media, I'm back on the grid.

I'll be updating the news and lists regarding what has transpired between May of 2018 and present regarding our Ohio schoolboy Milers.

The two threads I kept going were titled: "Ohio schoolboys who have gone on to break 4 minutes for one mile", and "Successful miling by former Ohio State Champs".

A lot has happened in the past 2 years and Ohio continues to churn out national caliber milers at an amazing rate. We have a number of former Ohio stars who will be competing in next years Olympic Trials and a few who have realistic shots at making the team!

Stay tuned for the updates!

A number of former Ohio HS stars are looking to make a bid to qualify for the 2021 Olympic Trials at 1500 meters and there are a few on the list who have a realistic shot at qualifying for the Olympic Team.

Sam Prakel...Oregon grad...3:36.54, 3:50.94...Sam will be a bonafide contender for the 2021 US Olympic 1500 Team...Sam is the 5th fastest indoor miler in US history...He has qualified for multiple USA Championship 1500/mile finals and has been ranked in the top 10 US 1500 runners by T&F News numerous times. His 1:46.75 800 speed shows he has the wheels to perform well in the sit and kick style common in championship 1500's...Sam captured his first USA Championship last weekend winning the USATF Road Mile Championships in Des Moines over the best field in the history of the race...

Clayton Murphy...Akron grad...3:36.23, 3:51.99...Clayton will likely run the 800 at the Trials, having won the Olympic bronze in the event in 2016. However if he chooses to run the 1500, he will be in the mix to make the team...Owning one of the fastest 800's in US history (1:42.93) he has world-class closing speed...most recently Clayton won the USATF indoor 1000 in 2019...Despite his focus on the 800, Clayton has been ranked by T&F News as a top 10 US 1500 runner multiple times...

Colby Alexander...Oregon grad...3:34.88, (3:50.3), 3:54.94...Like Sam, Colby has qualified for multiple USA Championship 1500/mile finals. Colby has also been ranked in the top 10 US 1500 runners by T&F News numerous times....a 1:46.09 half-miler, Colby has the speed necessary to make a USA 1500 meter team...After heel surgery forced him to miss the 2019 season, Colby came back with a 2:19.24 for 1000 meters indoors in 2020, missing the US All-Time top 10 performer list by less than a second...He achieved his highest USA Championship finish last weekend, placing a close 2nd to Sam Prakel at the USATF Road Mile Championship in Des Moines. Colby is another Ohioan with a good shot at an Olympic berth.

Brannon Kidder...Penn State grad...3:35.27, 3:56.06...Brannon has focused on the 800 for most of his career and has a PR of 1:45.39 for 800 meters. But his future may lie in the 1500. He ran the 2nd fastest 1500 in the US this indoor season (3:36.51) and is the 10th fastest performer over 1000 yards indoors in US history (2:18.26). After a US top 10 rank in the 1500 by T&F News last season, Brannon could be a player for an Olympic 1500 berth.


Willy Fink, Jake Edwards, Mick Stanovsek, Ryan Adams, Kyle Mau, and Jacob Dumford
all have excellent 1500/mile PR's as well. At this point questions remain as to what events they may focus on in 2021 and if it's the 1500, will they qualify for the Trials? (Historically it takes a sub 3:40 to get in).

Willy Fink...Eastern Michigan grad...Had a breakout performance this year at 1500, running 3:37.16. BUT, he also ran a mind blowing 13:17.15 5000 indoors this year. That's less than 6 seconds off the USA Indoor All-Time Top 10 5000 meter performers list. With that kind of 5000, I'm thinking he'll go 5000 at the Trials.

Jake Edwards (Ohio St) 3:38.77, Mick Stanovsek (Oregon) 3:39.82, Jacob Dumford (Notre Dame) 3:39.91, Kyle Mau (Indiana) 3:40.42, Ryan Adams (Furman) 3:40.44.... .Sub 3:40 usually makes it to the Trials. These guys are all close.
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In what was billed as the best field ever assembled for the USATF Road Mile Championships, 3 former State 1600 Champs from Ohio took 1-2-5 this past weekend at Drake University in Des Moines.

Sam Prakel and Colby Alexander kicked to a 1-2 finish moving from 4th and 5th to the top 2 spots over the final 300 meters.

The race finished with the final 600 meters on the Drake U track.

After the typical pedestrian pace that is so common in USA Championships, the field entered the stadium with 600 to go all tightly bunched. Sam and Colby were in 4th and 5th. With 300 to go they accelerated past 3:49 miler Johnny Gregorek and by the top of the turn with 150 left, moved ahead of Abe Alvarado and Joe Klecker. With a last lap of 53 seconds, Sam and Colby crossed the line 1-2 for an Ohio sweep and also an Oregon Duck sweep. They should have thrown up the "O" at the finish!

Following Sam and Colby across the line in 5th was another Ohio alum, Jake Edwards.


Sam Prakel 3:58.3.......PR 3:50.94 mile
Colby Alexander 3:58.8.......PR 3:34.88 1500 ( = 3:51 Mi)
Joe Klecker 3:59.0.......PR 3:37.55 1500 ( = 3:54 Mi)
Tripp Hurt 4:01.2.......PR 3:36.83 1500 (= 3:53 Mi)
Jake Edwards 4:01.8.......PR 3:38.77 1500 ( = 3:55 Mi)
Abe Alvarado 4:02.0.......PR 3:36.82 1500 (= 3:53 Mi)
Johnny Gregorek 4:02.1.......PR 3:49.98 Mile
Graham Crawford 4:03.1.......PR 3:37.08 ( = 3:54 Mi)
Obsa Ali 4:06.0.......NCAA Steeple Champ
Erik Sowinsky 4:06.7.......PR 4:01.44 Mile / 1:44.58 800 PR

The NJNYTC organized a USATF sanctioned meet in Bethel, CT yesterday hoping to give east coast runners a chance to run some late season fast times. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. The strong, steady winds made for a frustrating day for athletes hoping to PR.

However, the efforts were definitely there in the Men's Elite 1500 and two Ohio natives were contending for the win.

Two weeks ago, Sam Prakel and Colby Alexander took 1-2 at the USATF National Championship Road Mile in Des Moines with former USA top ranked miler, Johnny Gregorek, back in 7th. Yesterday Colby turned the tables on Sam but Gregorek turned the tables on both Colby and Sam as he cut thru the wind in impressive fashion, running to a 3:36.11 win. A very impressive time considering the conditions (a very impressive time even in good conditions)!

His winning time converts to a 3:53.39 mile.

Johnny Gregorek. 3:36.11 MILE EQUIVALENT 3:53.39
Colby Alexander. 3:37.12. MILE EQUIVALENT 3:54.48
Sam Prakel. 3:37.63. MILE EQUIVALENT 3:55.04

Rob Napolitano. 3:38.48. MILE EQUIVALENT 3:55.95
Graham Crawford. 3:39.26. MILE EQUIVALENT. 3:56.80
Eric Jenkins. 3:41.95. MILE EQUIVALENT. 3:59.70
Travis Mahoney. 3:44.53
Jeremy Hernandez. 3:46.03
SAM PRAKEL and RYAN ADAMS with quick starts in 2021...

Former Versailles HS star, Sam Prakel ran a 1500 PR on Feb 13 at the New Balance Grand Prix Indoor Meet in NYC, clocking a 3:36.36 for 4th place. That time didn't move him up on the All-Time Ohio 1500 list, but it did solidify his hold on 9th fastest Ohio schoolboy ever. That time converts to a 3:53.66 mile.

Yesterday, on Saturday 2/27, on a windy, humid day in Austin, Texas, Sam ran an outdoor meet. The meet, The Texas Qualifier, was set up to give elite middle and long distance runners a chance to get outdoors and attempt to hit Olympic Trials qualifying times as well as Olympic "A" standard times. It was a great idea, but the weather did not cooperate. The wind was a significant inhibitor to fast times and in the longer races the high humidity (75 degrees, 75% humidity), also prevented fast times.

Still, Sam managed a 3:38.05 for 5th. The race started out fast, and on pace for a 3:35.00 Olympic "A" time, but with the high winds, every runner in the race paid the price for the fast start. Sam has already met the Olympic Trials standard of 3:37.50.

CVCA alum, Ryan Adams ran the Texas Qualifier as well. Ryan ran in a Friday heat for runners attempting to hit the Trials standard of 3:37.50 as opposed to Saturday's race where all the runners had already met the Trials standard and were going for the 3:35.00 Olympic mark.This proved lucky for Ryan. The weather Friday night was far less windy and perfect for an attempt at a fast time. Ryan took advantage of the weather and the competition. Ryan followed the leaders, allowing them to set a pace projected for 3:37. Coming off the final turn, Ryan switched gears and kicked home for the win in a PR 3:38.17, barely missing the 3:37.50 Trials time. Ryan will be in his 6th season at Furman this spring. He would have been in his 5th year redshirt season last year but COVID prevented that, so the NCAA has given him a 6th season to get his 4th season of eligibility in.

In Jan of 2020, Rohbino posted in this thread that we all need to pay attention to former Worthington star, Arjun Jha, who now runs for Indiana. He was correct! Arjun could very well be the next Ohio schoolboy to break four minutes for the mile.

Sort of slipping thru the cracks and flying under the radar, last year, during the 2020 indoor season, Arjun posted a 4:00.84 mile. Could he become #31 on our list?

Arjun was State Runner-Up in the 1600 as a junior at Thomas Worthington in 2017, running 4:09.09. The day before he had anchored TWHS to the win in the 4x8 as they broke the magic 7:40 barrier (7:39.89).

As a senior, Arjun placed 4th at State at 800 meters.

Jha is in his third year at IU. I think he’s a sophomore, eligibility-wise.
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Last weekend, former Dublin Coffman star, Lucas Bons, scored a MASSIVE mile PR, running a 3:55.45 mile to place second at the Husky Invite in Washington. Lucas lost to Washington’s Sam Tanner by a mere two tenths of a second. His time is the second fastest indoor mile in BYU history.

Lucas is in his third year at BYU and entering this season owned a 1600 PR of 4:09.25 (from HS), which is worth a 4:10+ for one mile. That means he PR’d by a whopping 15 seconds! We see that kind of improvement with HS underclassmen, but not with 3rd year collegiate athletes, am I right!!

Lucas was 3rd at State then 2nd at State in the 1600 for Coffman in 2017 and 2018.

He becomes the 30th Ohio schoolboy to break 4:00 for one mile and also breaks into the All-Time Fastest Ohio Schoolboy Miler Top Ten List, debuting at #10.



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I think Jha will get there. Very interesting comparing the careers of Arjun Jha and Dustin Horter, especially since they both go to Indiana...Jha has continued to improve while Horter hasn't. Maybe too many miles in high school and he plateaued?


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I think Jha will get there. Very interesting comparing the careers of Arjun Jha and Dustin Horter, especially since they both go to Indiana...Jha has continued to improve while Horter hasn't. Maybe too many miles in high school and he plateaued?
It does seem as if Horter was at his strongest in high school. He also ran strongly in XC his freshman year at IU. It is really difficult to speculate why he has not shown the same level of improvement as Jha. "Too many miles in high school" is probably not the reason. His body may have changed, the will to be at the top may not be there, he may have injury issues,... There are a lot of reasons that may not be known. Everyone is different and matures at different rates. History is filled with a lot of athletes that showed promise early on that did not quite reach expectations. There are also many examples of athletes that showed some promise in high school and what they ended up achieving exceeded that level of promise.
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