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Copley is going to be a wildcard this year with the coaching change. Plenty of talent always in Copley, so they still should be competitive.

Tallmadge lost a few Seniors but should be near the top of the league again this year.

Any opinions about the rest of the league?


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How is Copley looking? Any players leaving the program due to the change at head coach?


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Tallmadge got a transfer back from CVCA. He went to Tallmadge through 8th grade and played varsity for CVCA as a freshman last year. Should give Tallmadge some size.


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Not alot of interest in the SLA yet. Hope it picks up soon.

Tallmadge has 3 regular starters back this season (when football season ends):

Collin Dixon
Ty Hurst
Caiden McCullough

Plenty of younger talent coming in to fill the shoes of the 6 departed Seniors from last season.


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Now hearing that Caiden McCullough will not be playing this year due to injury. He is a very good three-point shooter and this will hurt Tallmadge from the outside. Hopefully he will be able to return much sooner.

Tallmadge has one other player that has solid varsity experience, Kaden Davis. Sounds like about 10 players will be battling for the other two starting spots and time off the bench.
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