State Tournament leaving Columbus?


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I'm not a fan of Wright St's arena. With how the seats flare out you feel like you're a million miles away even in the lower bowl. Dayton has a similar feel I don't care for, but Wright feels worse. On the flip side, I love Xavier. You can be in the upper tier and still feel like your on top of the action. I think lighting plays a part as well. Xavier feels the brightest of the 3 while Wright St feels like a dungeon to me.
i detest the nutter center in every way i can think. bad for a wsu grad.


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It’s too bad TOSU doesn’t have much interest in this. This event has been a Crown Jewel for a long time. Looks like this event will get put on one side of the state or the other. This won’t help attendance or bring the state tournament back up to a special event as in the past
I wonder what power, if any, Coach Holtmann has in this. I mean, Urban Meyer loved having the football finals at Columbus because it was a free recruiting tool (plus a large ego boost!). But I never got the idea that OSU basketball looked upon the state finals in Columbus in the same way. But it looks like Holtmann is going to hopefully be a long-term fixture at OSU, and, in my mind, it would make some sense for him to exert his influence to keep the tournament where it is at.