State Championship Updates (Elder vs. Pickerington Central)


Final Word:
I don't think the scope of review enables them to restore a play that is called OOB on the field, since the OOB whistle "kills" the play.


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I was right on the sideline and was shocked the ref missed that out of bounds call. It was a bad miss.
It was crystal clear on the replays and the ref was looking right at his feet. Elder very likely scores a TD there with a 2nd & 4 from the 5 with a chance to also get another first down. They score a TD there and with the TD they scored on the opening drive of the 2nd half, it’s a 21-7 game and it changes PC’s play calling etc...PC may have still won the game in OT or with the different play calling but they would not have been teeing up 9+ minute drives.

Elder having too many players on the field when PC was lined up to punt late in the 4th quarter was a killer. It forced Ramsey to use a TO which gave PC time to think it over and decide to go for it.

Lastly, PC’s QB obviously made a phenomenal play being able to get that throw off and convert the 1st down. Two critical mistakes on that play by Elder. A LB was in front of that receiver and then decided to leave him and run towards PC’s QB as he was wrapped up and ready to throw leaving no defender in front of the receiver creating a clear lane to throw the ball. Secondly, an Elder DB was 4-5 yards away from the receiver when the ball was thrown and he went for the interception instead of just running to the receiver and playing him. The Receiver caught the ball along the sideline where the DB could have simply pushed him out of bounds.

Kudos to PC for converting both of those mistakes into TD’s. That’s what good teams do...

Overall a great game between two evenly matched teams and with no turnovers!


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Was elder wearing some kind of concussion protection on their helmets? They looked really circular and kinda weird...that being said I really kinda liked them lol