Starting Lacrosse program

Any chance Napoleon starts a lacrosse program? I ask because they just entered the NLL and 5 of the other 7 schools have lacrosse...Sylvania Southview/Northview, Anthony Wayne, BG, and Perrysburg.

My niece is in Jr High and says the boys talk about lacrosse alot but there are no youth programs outside of Toledo area and probably 75% of the city has no clue what the sport is.


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Sounds like you and a couple friends should step up and see if you can start one for next year? Maybe discuss with athletic director an ask them if they mind you sending out some flyers to the school or have the principal of the school include some info on a meeting or get together to discuss starting one. There are always parents willing to help get their kids involved in a new sport. Especially one that is growing as fast as this sport is... Problem will be what grades to start with. In my experience it seems middle school is where you'll get the biggest draw. The parents will want to know how the game is played, the rules, equipment requirements and estimated costs to play. Maybe find a local middle/high school ref that can show up to the meeting and help answer questions as well? Call USLA and tell them what you are trying to do and ask them for some help? Requesr a packet of sign up cards and maybe some magazines to distribute as well?