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Your fan Mackinbiner said, "I don't follow Jackson that closely." And Peterson was around the program all the time as the....wait for it....ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. So yes, the uninformed fans didnt say it....a man in charge of athletics did.
So, like the one in charge of athletics at Massillon that applied to.....wait for it..... the Fed and Suburban leagues? Rejected by both by the way.


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I've been telling it to you for a few years. That's why I'm so despised by the Massillon honks. You CAN'T take it. You prove it daily. That's why the police have to get involved.
Put the drink down and don’t pour anymore you are starting to ramble and make no sense.
So the police are getting involved because you despise Massillon or because Jackson doesn’t want to play Massillon ? 😂


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You are despised by people in your own community.
You are despised by Massillon fans because you constantly and I do mean C O N S T A N T L Y are talking about the Massillon football program and the kids in it.
I can tell you for 100% fact you were this close to getting a knock on your door for the way you were slandering kids on here the last 2 years. One specifically where the parents got involved.