Stark County QBs - after 3 games


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Interesting stat compilation on 22 QBs of area teams through 3 games. Stats compiled by Friday Night Ohio.


Mr. Slippery

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Not sure where FNO got its numbers on Talkington from Canton CC. In the team's opening game, he probably had more attempts and completions than what is shown in the table as his 3-game total.
Not suprised to see the South QB ranked high on this. He has been very consistent and very efficient. Hope it can continue this week.


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Nice numbers for Blair at St. V. FNO did not have him in their stats.
Not sure where FNO gets their stats. It's a nice page though.
Slippery - if you have updated numbers for our guy "JT", post them up. He's doing well.
What a year so far for Mick at Northwest. Congrats and continue slinging it!
John Lee - you might be on to something there.
Those top handful of kids are really doing well. Hard to believe we are at the "halfway" point of the season!