St. X & St. Ed's schedules?


Just poking around on and noticed that St. Xavier and St. Ed's only have like 11 matches scheduled.

What gives?

Are they playing a bunch of out of state teams or do their coaches just not care?
St Xavier has 18 games scheduled (3 for the Centerville Elite Tournament)

St Edwards has 15 matches scheduled (3 for the Centerville Elite Tournament)

In the past, St X has played around that 18 matches in the regular season. Of course that is not up to the allowed 23 matches (prior to playoffs), but that is how they pan it out.

I do not know if that is the same for St Eds, but it may have been a scheduling issue. Who know. I would not say that it is because they 'don't care'
They may not care to report it to ohioboysvolleyball, which is understandable unless mandated by the ohsbva.
Ah, the other schools in the Centerville Elite have them posted on the state website.
Would be nice as signature programs if they would post everything on the main site so it could be followed from one source.