St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT


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Disagree. Interim HC has been on the Varsity staff as assistant Varsity HC for 2-3 years and another 6 or so years with the JV teams. The program has been toxic for a few years. The racial and other inappropriate actions/comments certainly don’t help and the entire staff should have been fired (I mean resigned) along with former HC. Easier said than done 1-2 weeks prior to try outs. They always seem to win a few at tournament time though.
Totally agree. He has had 7 years at SUA. He coached the JV team. If he can't even win half the games with the talent they have then HE is doing something wrong. There are really talented girls on this team and he can't figure it out. You would think SUA's AD could but I guess there are NO REAL qualifications for either position!


I think SUA is talented but unfortunately they play in a tough league and have tough out of league games. They are right where they should be and will compete in the post season.