St. Ignatius hockey


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Instead of relying on the Eds thread to report all the hockey news in the state, I thought I would start an Ignatius thread considering that the Cats are going for a five peat. The sled dogs are getting properly exercised for the treks through Canada. The semi-pro Cats are in practice mode. A riddle for you. How are semi-pro hockey players different from the Cats? The semi-pro players get paid to play hockey, while the Cats have to pay to play hockey.
Love the Cats. Not sure what their end game is. This year they are loaded again at their highest level. Good U15 team too despite their present record. Not sure how good they'll be after Boehm and Langermeier's class graduate.

Big question is who will tend the net this year. I'm assuming it will be Dawson Mohr over Kovatch but we'll see.
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I count 5 games against Ohio teams on the Wildcats schedule this year. Good to see them mix in some more in-state regular season competition.