St. Edward 2011-12


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I do understand how the state wants to involve the Columbus/Cincy area in a final four game, the sport needs to grow in those areas. It will take time, but those schools are getting better and more competitive. 25 years ago there were only a couple of teams in the Columbus/Cincy area, now there are more.
Is there actually any evidence that hockey is getting better south of US 30? It appears that there are more teams, but better?

How about a seeded 8 team, double elimination tournament in Columbus over two weekends with a guarantee of only one team per region? This year, you would have had Northview, St. John, Ed's, Ignatius, US, Gilmour, Shaker, and the team from Columbus/Cincy? Two from Toledo, two from Kent, three from Brooklyn, one from C-bus.

Put everyone else in a single-elimination statewide tourney.


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I don't think the pattern you guys are assuming is actually true every year like it has been the last two. In fact, Ignatius' 2010 state title featured essentially duplicate scores in the state semis.

In 2009, Toledo St. John's had an easy 7-0 semifinal win against Centerville, but still lost to University School in the state championship.

The state semifinal games in 2008 had exactly duplicate scores.

The state semis in 2007 were both very competitive.

In 2006, Padua barely beat Northview in the state championship in OT, even though Padua beat UA 7-4 in the semis and Northview beat University School 2-1 in the semis.

Both state semifinals in 2005 were blowouts as well.

I really don't think the state semifinals are having a material impact on who actually wins the state championship.


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I guess the point is, given your choice in this year's semifinals, who would you have rather played? US or Olentangy Orange?

Also, unfortunately for the South/Central district, until someone from that district wins a semifinal game I think the power of the state will be firmly entrenched in the North, whether that's Toledo or Cleveland. The scores might look competitive but all those years and scores listed aren't showing that no team from Cleveland or Toledo expected to lose to a team from the South district.
Congratulations to the Eagles and Coach Gray

What a season, knocking out Iggy (39-1) and then going on to defeat University School in the state semifinal.

Coach Gray congratulations on another outstanding season, you are probably the only Ohio coach to lead your team to two consecutive final games in your first two years of coaching.