Southwestern Buckeye League 2019 season thread


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As much as i want the SWBL to do well Roger bacon is the real deal. I want valley view to win but i believe this game will be handled rather easily by rb 48-21 RB


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Valley View played the kind of game in Week 11 that is required to beat a good football team. They came out ready to play, they didn't turn the ball over, and they didn't hurt themselves with penalties. Essentially they played sound football. Seems easy enough but those can be issues for the Spartans from time to time. As with last week, Valley View can score the points to stay in this game. If they can once again limit the penalties and turnovers, there's no reason they can't win this game. Kiner will be a beast to slow down on defense, but again, the defense showed they were capable of this last week against Clinton Massie. It'll take a similar effort in Week 12 to get the win, but I like VV's chances.


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I'll be interested to see Kiner play. No question a go to RB with a lot of talent can be tough to stop. For VV, they need to attempt to slow him down, not necessarily stop him. Limit those long plays and make them drive the ball. I'm more optimistic this week than I was heading into the Clinton Massie game simply because CM has such a dominant running game. VV held up to the running game pretty well most of the night.


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Looks like Valley View is the real league champions
Bb 30
Vv 19
Games are won and lost on the field
The swbl was good this year on both sides of the league
Pretty sure Franklin beat them too, u don’t think either Franklin or bellbrook would have a chance at making a run in that division /region
2 loses in league doesn’t equal league champs

Now congrats to valley view and making it to regional final , coaching is huge and they have a great staff. Proud of you guys in Germantown , my mother’s side has resided there since the 70’s and they still do, my fathers side from bellbrook and thats where I played . So there ya go , I have roots for both schools , attended Vv in elementary, bellbrook middle school and high school , that rivalry and those programs mean very much to me so I’m not taking anything away from anyone .
Bet no one saw that coming 😂
All these years on here I’ve left that one in the bag, so when I troll Vv just know there’s more to it then just a rivalry , I love both of those teams deeply . Grew up watching those battles being apart of both communities .

Go win state view , get passed Wyoming it’s yours to lose !!
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