Somerset 41 Lincoln County 0 (Kentucky)


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(Article)Somerset 41 Lincoln County 0 (Kentucky)

Somerset 41 Lincoln County 0

First, I want to thank Tim Estes and all the great people from Lincoln, for their kindness and for running a great bowl.
Second I want to say I believe the Death Valley organizers have done an outstanding job by playing the home team first. The crowd for the first job is always very large and the home team fans, no matter the score of the game the home team fans always seem to stick around for the entire game.

Now to the game. Lincoln County won the coin and toss, but from there the night grew longer and longer and then it got worse.
With 11:47 showing on the clock Darius Napier caught a short pass and picked up nine yards and survived a big time hit from Chance Stayton.
Just forty three seconds later a mishap by the Patriots resulted in the ball being put on the ground and recovered by the Briar Jumpers Jase Bruner.

Somerset would need just three plays to go the fifteen yards needed for the touchdown. With 9:36 left in the first, Bruner took it in from six yard out. The point after from Christian Whitis was successful making this a 7-0 game. The score seemed to ignite a spark in Somerset, that soon turned into a wildfire burning out of control.

The first quarter, clock read 8:36, when #16 Peyton Ellison picked off a Bryson Yaden pass and took it all the way to the house for another score. The point after kick was missed,leaving this a 13-0 game. Two drives in and Lincoln county had two turnovers. The night would only get worse as the wildfire grew in strength.

Luck happened to be on the Briar Jumpers side, when Bruner made a catch, fumbled the ball, but as luck would have it Somerset came up with the ball. The clock read 6:38, when Bruner was thrown to the ground by Nick Harris and #13(not in the program), for a three yard loss.
Kaiya Sheron would scramble for eighteen yards, on an fine run with 5:29 showing on the clock.
Just seven seconds later Bruner went up the gut for eleven yards and another Briar Jumpers score.The point after kick was successful and this was a 20-0 game. The drive totaled five plays and forty three yards.

On their next drive Lincoln County running back Napier put the ball on the ground once again and again the Briar Jumpers came up with it. Making the recovery was Trevor Brock. Napier, who I think just having a horrible game, is going to have a good season, especially if he learns to go north,south and not tried to dance around eleven guys. The kid is fast, but not Barry Sanders, who could dance and prance around an entire defense.

Somerset would need just two plays to go thirty nine yards for their next score, with Sheron going thirty three yards to do the honors.The point after kick would make this a 27-0 game, with 1:15 remaining in the opening quarter.

Lincoln County would get a nice five yard power type run from Ethan Carman before the clock reached triple zero's.

The Somerset defense would record a sack on Yaden, when Mikey Garland got tot he quarterback just thirteen second into the second quarter. The Somerset line was bigger, faster an it appeared much stronger than the Patriots defensive line. I am guessing just naturally bigger and stronger, but will dare to guess those monsters from Somerset has spent some time in the weight room to add to this.
From there the Briar Jumpers would get a block punt from Trevor Lipscomb, who scooped the ball up and took it all the way for another score.The point after kickoff of the foot of Whitis would make this a 27-0 game, with 10:23 left in the half.

Lincoln county showed some life at the 6:33 mark, when Napier used his speed to pick up eight yards. The drive ended in another punt, with Chance Stayton returning the kick all the way back to the Somerset forty seven yard line.
A ten yard run from Sheron would be the best play of the ensuing drive, but nothing else afterwards, as the drive fizzled.

Lipscomb would record a sack on Yaden at the 1:41 mark of the quarter.
That led to another punt from the Patriots, that was blocked by and recovered by Trevor Brock, with just 56.7 seconds remaining in the half.
On the ensuing drive Sheron would get sacked by Mykah Turpin, then the half ended with a Sheron touchdown pass to Tate Madden. The point after kick would make the half time score 41-0 Somerset.

With a running clock the time would fly by,like old age rushed up on a aging person.
Some highlights from the second half included a nice catch by Madden on a ball thrown from Sheron, with 10:38 left in the third.
Dylan Burchfield from Lincoln County getting to Sheron for a five yard loss, at the 3:07 mark of the third.
At the 1:49 mark of the quarter Sheron pick up close to thirty yards and fifteen yards were tacked on, due to a penalty on the Patriots.

In the fourth quarter Alex Ham put the ball on the ground and making the recovery for Lincoln County looked to be Hunter Rice.
Even though the game had long been decided the Patriots never gave up and their fans stayed to cheer them on, for the entire contest.

Very Unofficial Stats

31 PLlays
139 Yards
Passing 7-14 1 TD

Lincoln County
49 Plays
112 Yards
Passing 8-13 1 INT

Pics can be found here

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