SL expansion


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Administrators want good competition where they have a good chance of success AND close proximity. All the constant shuffling of East Side leagues and conferences all the way down to the Akron-centric Suburban League over the last few decades has generally been based on one or both or those two ideas. Without having any special insight into this, I would think Solon would be the front runner for this slot with Medina second. Both based on their geography (proximity to other SL schools) I could easily be wrong, just my most educated guess, without knowing of any politics or other intangible factors.

I doubt there will be a formal 5 team GCC if that happens. There may be some scheduling alliances or understandings until most of the other members find homes on the East and West Sides but I personally don't feel any league that sets up shop on both sides of the Cuyahoga River will ever last for very long, due to excessive length of travel in all the many non-revenue sports.

I think Euclid will land in the LEL because of demographics and relative proximity. Every team now in the LEL except for Lorain is geographically contiguous, with Warrensville Center Road running through them all (East Cleveland (Shaw) down to Bedford except Garfield Heights; which is still contiguous to the others) except of course extreme outlier Lorain, which has to be dying to get into a West Side league. If Euclid rejoins the LEL for their 3rd stint in the League, they won't be contiguous, but the SW border of Euclid at Euclid Avenue with Cleveland is only roughly 2 miles, maybe even less; through the Euclid Park section of Collinwood to the East Cleveland-Cleveland border.

IOW Euclid, while not contiguous is fairly close to being so and fits well with the LEL in almost every respect. I think Euclid will try to join the LEL if the GCC drops below 6, and probably keep playing Mentor and maybe some of the West Siders (Medina, Brunswick, Strongsville) in their 3 game non-league slate.