Singers Who Inspire/Bring You to Tears


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I don't especially like music. I'm more inclined toward ideas. I will listen to a political or sports podcast before music.

But certain singers have my devotion: Sinatra, NK Cole, Steve Perry, Freddy Mercury, among others. I'd rather hear George Strait sing anything on a given day.

But a couple of singers and songs have brought me to tears:

The first, and probably best, is David Phelps:

Another is Vince Gill (especially with this song):

The National Anthem was perfected by Whitney Houston:

And finally Guy Penrod and David Phelps singing "It is Well With My Soul" at the foot of the temple wall in Jerusalem, which will be played at my funeral. I went to school with Guy. We were in the same dorm my freshman year. And David Phelps is the best singer on the planet:

Share yours.
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