Shoe Project for East Cleveland Youth Wrestling

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First of all, I would like to thank all of the kind and generous folks on Yappi who supported our last project to get shoes for our Shaw HS and Heritage MS Wrestlers. It was such great feeling to know that former wrestlers and wrestling parents cared so much about the less fortunate young wrestlers in East Cleveland. I know the guys will be so excited when they see the new shoes arrive at the school.

We now have a new project back on Donors Choose to get wrestling shoes for our summer youth wrestling program. This year was set to be our 10th annual summer youth wrestling program and Showcase match, but just like most everything else, it was postponed due to COVID-19.

With all this being said, we are preparing to come back better and stronger after things have improved. In the past, the little guys would practice in their socks and then we would just sanitize their school shoes and allow them to wrestle their match in gym shoes (due to not having wrestling shoes). This project will help us get two pair of each youth wrestling shoe size so the boys can compete and show what they have learned over the summer wearing official wrestling shoes.
Our goals are promote our sport, keep it alive in the inner city, and give our students the benefit of being introduced to the sport early on so they have a chance to be competitive in Middle School and High School. Thanks again to everyone who has given us encouragement and support to carry out this mission.
Coach Bryant
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