Saturday's Playoff games


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Milford vs Lakota West - 4-1 KD is playing absolute lights out right now. Milford missing top scorer
Centerville vs Oak Hills - 3-0 My opinion Oak hills got very lucky
Beavercreek vs Mason - 3-2 I think Mason is just a little too much for Creek
Mount Notre Dame vs Miamisburg - 4-2 Miamisburg is challenged on D but their forward is the real deal. Just not enough

vs Indian Hill - 3-0 Monroe has a very impressive D and a solid attack. Indian Hill has been too inconsistent.
Badin vs Carroll - 1-0 Total guess, Badin keeper is good.
Oakwood vs Tippecanoe - 3-2 OT Alter win will give Oakwood some confidence.

vs Dayton Christian - 8-0 Just way too much of an attack for DC's Defense. CCD scored 6 on them so it may be worse...
Madeira vs Anna - 3-1 Madeira has more talent than Anna has seen this year. Madeira has 3 1 goal losses to great teams
Bethel vs Mariemont - 4-0 Someone else said it, Mariemont is playing very well.
Lehman Catholic vs Cincinnati Country Day - 2-0 Lehman won't get past the D or the keeper.
Well lets see how I did.

Lakota 3-2
Centerville 2-1
Mason 1-0
MND 3-0

Got all winners right but missed on scores a bit

Monroe 2-0
Badin 3-1
Oakwood 1-0 OT

Got all winners right and Oakwood OT right just score wrong. Close on Monroe.

Waynesville 2-0
Madeira 3-0
Mariemont 2-0
CCD 2-0

Again all winners right. and Nailed the CCD vs Lehman score. Close on Madeira. Congrats to the Girls.


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Lakota West 3-2 (originally predicted LW 2-0)
Strong showing by LW. They had this one under control most of the way. BC had a nice trap/volley goal early in the 2nd putting Milford within reach at 2-1, but only 6 min later, SJ finds KD on a breakaway to make it 3-1. KD gets a hat trick! Milford received another goal late on a freak accident: LW's defender (#18) scores an own goal while passing back to the goalie.

Centerville 2-1 (originally predicted Elks 1-0)
Oak Hills gets their only goal late around the 11-min mark, when the Elks' goalie mishandles a catch. That's the only blemish on Centerville's strong defensive showing. Congrats to Oak Hills' Kuerze for setting the school's record in goals.

Mason 1-0 (originally predicted Creek 2-1)
Mason squirts in a slow roller from the 18 very early in the contest on a mental mistake by Creek's goalie, and Creek's offense fails to capitalize on multiple opportunities, despite controlling possession in the 2nd half. They kept #15 contained, but Mason also kept Creek's leading scorer #21 in check. Did what they needed to do late in the game. Solid win.

MND 3-0 (originally predicted MND 4-0)
First goal didn't come until late in the 1st half. First two scored off corners from Frey to Kohls. MND and LW should be a great matchup on Tuesday.

Congrats to all the SW teams on what has been a tough season dealing with COVID-19 and limited out-of-conference play.
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