Ritchie County WV 24 St. Mary's WV 21


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Ritchie County WV 24 St. Marys WV 21

Last night I made my 2nd drive to St. Mary's West Virginia to catch a football game at Bill Hanlin Stadium.
In the game last night St. Mary's(0-2) did battle with Ritchie County(2-1). St Mary's made it all the way to the state final game, where they fell to Wheeling Central Catholic. Ritchie County, finished 2-8 last season,including a 54-6 beat down by St. Mary's.

With almost two minutes going in the game, Ritchie County faced a 3rd and 15,where they called on Garrett Owens, who rumble and stumbled for a 34 yard gain. His offensive was very stout on this play. Almost a minute later the Rebels again had a third down, but this time they needed just one yard. #39 (NOT LISTED ON THE ROSTER) picked up five yards again moving the chains. The drive came to an abrupt halt when Jacob Hoyt picked off a Dakota Wayne pass, with 7:29 left in the first.

Lucas Lipscomb would break a tackle and then use a Barry Sanders like spin move to pick up 34 yard and give St. Mary's a first down, at the 7:15 mark. The Blue Devils ended the 8 play, 60 yard drive, with a 3 yard run by Brennan Boron to make this a 6-0 game. The point after kick from Joey Sanchez made this a 7-0 game, with 4:54 left in the first.

The Rebels would get the good and the bad from Tre Moss on the ensuing drive. First Moss picked up 12 yards on a nice run. Then, with 2:12 showing on the clock, Moss coughed up the ball and the Blue Devils came up with it, on their own six yard line.

Just six seconds later, Brennan Boron would be hit in the end zone and the ball would be knocked free, with Brandon Bowie picking it up and showing it to the ref, who signaled touchdown for Ritchie County. Converting the two point conversion run and making this a 8-7 game was

With 1:14 left in the exciting first quarter after getting a completed pass Trenton Richards hit the receiver, who fumbled the ball and making the recovering for another Ritchie County touchdown was Moss. A two point conversion failed,leaving this a 14-7 game.

The quarter had one last big play and that came from Anthony Wince, who sprinted for a 30 yard gain.
If the three remaining quarters lived up to the first one, the large crowd was in for a very good game.

The Blue Devils would face a 4th and six with 10:50 left in the half on the Ritchie County 20 yard line, with 10:50 in the half. The call was a pass play, that fell incomplete turning the ball back over to the Rebels. The Rebels would turn the ball right back over, when Owens put the ball on the ground and recovering it for the Blue Devil's was #25(Not listed in the program)with 9:16 left in the half.

Owens and #25 teamed up to sack Boron to bring up a 4th and fifteen, with 4:35 left. From there St. Mary's would get a 25 yard catch from Wince, then Wince would catch another pass from Boron, this one would be for a 22 yard score. Sanchez tied this one up with his point after kick, at the 1:43 mark.

The Blue Devils would keep the momentum when Lucas Lipscomb picked off a Dakota Wayne pass, with a little under a minute left in the half. As the two teams enter the locker room the biggest thing that stuck out in my mind was, the Rebels had two touchdowns by its defense and none from their offense. This was a first for me and many of those sitting around me.

The Blue Devils started out on fire , with Dylan Patterson went up the gut for a 15 yard run and then Slade Amos took off for a 33 yard run all the way down tot he Rebels 13 yard line. The drive fizzled out and on fourth down the Blue Devils lined up for what appeared to be a field goal, but it turned out to be a fake with the result being a completion, but thanks to Alec Stanley the receiver was knocked down far short of the first down marker.

After getting the ball back the Blue Devils used a Boron to Lipscomb pass for a 23 yard gain, with 5:03 left in the third. Then with 4:33 left in the third,Patterson picked up 11 yards, taking the ball inside the Ritchie County one yard line.Boron would follow his front line to plunge in from a yard out. The point after kick gave St. Mary's a 21-14 lead, with 4:10 left.

Ritchie County would get a 23 yard reception to Gus Morrison on a popup pass that hung in the air for ever, from Wayne, with 2:22 left on the third quarter clock.

The fourth quarter would start with Zach Cline picking up 8 yards to set up a fourth and one, from the Blue Devils one yard line. Wayne would take the ball in from there, but a late flag was thrown, with the call being aiding the runner on the Rebels. The Rebels who have no kicker, according to the fans sitting around me proved this correct when they elected to go for it,on fourth and six, from the six. A pass would fall to the ground,turning the ball over to the Blue Devils,with 11:20 left in the game.

Just seven seconds later #22 of the Blue Devils was tackled in the end zone, for a safety to make this a 21-16 game.
All of the momentum that St.Mary's had, had just went down the drain,it would be up to their defense to get it back.

The game had 6:42 left when Isaac Snodgrass got to Wayne for a 5 yard sack.
From there the Rebels would punt the ball away just three plays later.
The defense did the job and now all the Blue Devils needed was for its offense to run the clock out.

With 3:43 left the Blue Devils would put the ball on the ground and coming up with it was the Rebels. on the 37 yard line of the Blue Devils.
From there Ritchie County needed just two plays to take the lead. On the second play, Moss would redeem himself with a 27 yard touchdown run, after Cline converted the two point run, we had a 24-21 game, with 3:15 left in the contest.

St. Mary's would convert a fourth and five with a 19 yard completion from Boron to Wince, with 2:20 left. Boron would get sacked by Alec Stanley, with a little under two minutes left. A 35-yard field goal by Sanchez would go wide left,leaving only time enough for the Rebels to take three knees and then celebrate a rare win over the Blue Devils.


Ritchie County
61 Plays
227 Yards
4-9 1 INT

St. Mary's
62 Plays
255 Yards
10-23 1 TD

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