RIP Fairwood King

What was amazing to me was that for such a diehard fan of the Big Red football team, he actually knew next to nothing about the game itself. He must have had such a great time marching with the band at halftime and going to games with his father that the intricacies of the game mattered little to him. The concept of too much personal information did not register with him. More than once I commented that I knew more about his life than I remembered about my own. Although I was extremely harsh with him on too many occasions, when I revealed that I too was enduring a serious illness, he replied via a personal message with very warm wishes about my health. On the whole, his posts, though more enough than not I failed to agree with him, usually made me smile.
Rest in peace Scott. You will be missed for your passion for Steubenville Football and the Steubenville of your youth.

As for the homophobes on here who bashed him based on his sexuality, a pox on all your houses.
RIP to Mr. Scott Carlton AKA "FairwoodKing"

I'm very sorry to read of his passing. I too got a real charge out of some his more wild threads and postings. Having said that, he was a true blue "Big Red" fan, loyal to the core. He came to an environment here (A football posting board) where he had to know acceptance from everyone was going to be a rough go and stuck here to the end regardless. He was always open about everything, even when that perhaps wasn't always the wisest or best choice in terms of the reaction he would get.

I guess I am trying to say I think he was a brave man, in his own small way here on Yappi and probably in his day to day life and challenges too. I am sorry he is gone and I hope he is in a better place where he will find and have peace.

Very eloquently said, and I agree. Many would take positions like his solely for the purpose of trolling, but he sincerely held all the positions he took no matter how unpopular. He definitely deserves props for that.

The most entertaining poster ever....... the worst decision yappi ever made was deleting his thread with the stories about the midget. I've never laughed so hard in my life.

Agree on this too. I honestly thought for years he was 'goofing' on all of us with his stories. Ever the character.

Horribly sad news. As said by many, I didn't agree with him much. But we had a mutual respect and he always gave as good as he got. Definitely entertaining. I hope he found peace. Just one Hell of a character. :rainbow: that rainbow face is for you FAWK.
Sad to hear this and will miss him on here. Spent some time cleaning up posts attacking him (just ones that crossed a line that need not be crossed on a high school sports site). Through it all, he never changed and truly loved his old town.
Scott's passion for Steubenville was admirable. It's something that fewer and fewer people have these days. May he rest in peace.
RIP FWK, he was in my brother's class at Big Red. I enjoyed the storms he started, but whoever said too much personal info was posted is right. Rest in Peace.
Rip fairwood

A true character.

He in no way excused the conduct of the rapists or those involved with the cover up. He wrote and called everyone he could think of to complain. While we complained here he called the school board, the newspapers, the tv station, the oig....never hiding behind a screen name.

Good guy...quirky as hell...but good.
...shocked to hear of FWK's passing away. As many have already said, his passion and memories of Steubenville & it's program were to be admired. The thread about the midgets, ice dancing promotor,was a classic!... you just can't make that stuff up and I for one will miss seeing him posting on here.
RIP FWK. You will be missed by most, all of the stories were entertaining. What a character, you made me laugh many times and gave an inside view of times long gone.

Loved his hometown and the Big Red Football team.

Must have been tough growing up gay in the early '60s in a town like that, had to be tough.
I read the overview of his book( I think it was Blazing Ice) you could clearly see that he was the main character. If he did half the things in that book he led a glorious life. You gotta give him credit for his devotion to his family and Big Red. I think we'll all miss him. Rest in peace King.
Lots of crocodile tears from some people that treated this guy pretty badly on here.

I enjoyed the heck out of FairwoodKing's posts. You ALWAYS got more than you bargained for, and the stories about his pet rabbits were hilarious.