Restaurant chains that are no more

Mr. Slippery

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My favorite potato chips, the "Internationally Known" Gold'N Krisp made in Massillon, Ohio, are fried in a blend of lard, corn oil, canola oil, and soybean oil.

IIRC, only lard and peanut oil were used back in the day.


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My brother was at the seminary in Girard, Pa. In the 1960’s. There was a restaurant there or in Erie called Fords. They served Kentucky Fried Chicken and it was fantastic. Also PDQ, Red Barn, and Isaly’s in Stow. In California, we had this place called Sizzling Platter. They had a giant burger bun with the steak hanging 2 inches over the edges, with fries, it cost 69 cents. In the 70’s WT Grants coffee shop had real good food. Also all the lunch counters in the stores on Main St. in downtown Akron.
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