Reporting posts


Go Buckeyes
Since things are getting out of control a little lately, it's time to put the clamps down some. If you see a post that breaks the rules of the forum or that is totally unnecessary on the site, report it and I'll take care of it ASAP. It helps to go into some detail what is wrong with the post so I can take action quicker. PMing me about "some bad posts" really doesn't do me any good because there are just so many posts (2000+ per day) and I can't read every one of them from every single forum on the site.

So I'm asking that responsible posters use the "report this post" feature so I can find the offending post quicker.

And to the irresponsible posters, you will likely lose your ability to post in real time as you will be put on the moderated poster list. This means that myself or a moderator will have to validate your posts before they are seen on the site. I hate for things to be like this but the headaches that some people cause just aren't worth it.
Why is all the racist talk, about the Africentric Nubians allowed? I've only been posting a short time but i will not post anymore nor will any of my fellow advid girls basketball fans. It used to be fun, but to put down a group of classy and intelligent young ladies is terrible. Some of the comments have gone to the extreme.

Name calling was one of the posting rules of Yappi. Please check out the articles on the Davis's again! Please take care of the unfavorable reports of the Davis's cheating and name calling. I hate to have young children listening to adults that have no class.