Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

Edon is Williams County, right against the Indiana border. The district actually extends up to the far northwest corner where OH, MI, and IN come together.

River is in Monroe County, on the Ohio River between Steubenville and Marietta.

Basically it's the anti Conneaut to Cleves....NW corner to SE corner
Yes. I went and looked it up. I have a post here referencing the distances. Both are long hauls (by Ohio standards).
In all seriousness, back in 2008, Greenville traveled to Dover for a game, and I was there. Still waiting on that return trip if we ever get respectable again. Even if scheduling is a nightmare for an independent, those four years were intriguing, getting to play teams from all over the state we never get to see.
Would love to see more 614 area teams play NEO competition. Saw matchups like McK vs Dublin Coffman, Liberty vs Glenville, would love to see teams like Gahanna Lincoln, Upper Arlington, Hilliard Bradley, and maybe even CCL teams take on some northern competitors.
I'd like to see Steubenville and Fitch get together even if it's just every once in a while. That game they put together a couple of years back was a fun one to watch.
Coldwater vs Celina
Coldwater vs Van Wert
Coldwater vs Bishop Luers
Coldwater vs Tippecanoe
Coldwater vs Piqua

Marion Local vs Indianpolis Lutheran
Marion Local vs Liberty Center

Parkway vs South Adams
Parkway vs Adams Central

Fort Recovery vs Jay County (Needs to be yearly)
Hudson vs Nordonia 2014. So the knights know we’d beat their state finalist team like about every year since then.
Wooster vs Nordonia and Twinsburg. The Generals and Tigers have the same fight song. John Murphy Jr coached the Knights the same year junior John Murphy went both ways for the Generals.
A series of games between the Toledo City League, the Akron City Series, the Cleveland Senate League, and the Columbus City League.

Many of the schools struggle mightily in football. Many of their good football players will make their way over to other programs.

Toledo Woodward has lost 32 straight games
Toledo Rogers
Toledo Scott
Toledo Start
Toledo Waite only 2 wins this season were against other City League teams
Toledo Bowsher only 2 wins this season were against other City League teams
Cleveland Lincoln West
Cleveland John Marshall
Cleveland East Technical
Cleveland John Adams
Cleveland Rhodes
Cleveland Collinwood
Cleveland John Hay
Cleveland John K Kennedy
Akron Firestone
Akron Ellet
Akron Buchtel
Akron Garfield
Akron East
Akron North
Columbus Miflin
Columbus West
Columbus Centennial
Columbus East
Long time ago toledo Scott came to Akron to play buchtel it would be cool see buchtel play a another toledo city school or school period
Newbury is closed. Surprised you didn't toss in Ledgemont, which is closed also lol. I think Kirtland would make a game of it with Chardon. I don't think they'd get "running clocked". Might not win, might not even be as close as the score indicated. Maybe one day we will find out.
I think you get my point about those types of schools…..I was at a Kirtland game earlier in the year just BSing with some Kirtland locals, passing a little bit of schlivovitz back n forth, and they agreed…..there isn’t a team in the state that has an easier path to the title game than Kirgland year after year. The level of small school competition in the northern part of the state is horrendous……granted Kirkland prepares hard….but typically they don’t play a touch competition until the state semis.
if Kirtland played Chardon 10 times, Kirtland would win 5. You know it, I know it, Mitch knows it, and the rat scientists know it.
I know it? Haha. Actually quite funny. You have no idea what I know…..btw….not a chance they win 5….. maybe 1x on their best day. Even that would be a stretch……but let’s be realistic here. That match up will never happen with Kland in d6…. Maybe if they moved up to d4…..which will never happen unfortunately but I’d love to see it