Region matchups


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In Div. II how are the winners paired in the regions does 5 play 6 or 8 or does 7 play 5 or 8 my guess 7 will play 8 just asking


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1/8 winner plays 4/5 winner 2/7 winner plays 3/6 winner
He ment the winners of the regions.

I may be wrong but I think they figure out who plays who after the regional championship games.

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Usually it is done geographically. In other words, they try to align the teams to minimize travel. Examples the past 3 years.

2015. Hoban vs Zanesville, TCC vs Trotwood
2016. Hoban vs Desales, TCC vs Trotwood
2017. Hoban vs Avon, Winton Woods vs Massillon.

2018? If these 4 get in it could be a rematch of Massillon and WW and Hoban vs TCC. Hoban vs Massillon in state finals could sell out HOF field.