Reaction to Massillon Getting to Play at Home for a Title

What do you think about Massillon getting to play at home for their first real title?

  • Advantage Massillon - they've only played one game outside Massillon all year so this is familiar

  • Advantage Hoban - they get a little extra motivation to flex in Tiger town

  • More pressure on Massillon - they would face the embarrassment of losing with every advantage

  • More pressure on Hoban - home field still worth a couple points

  • No real advantage to either

  • It should never be allowed under any circumstance

  • It adds another reason for the asterisk

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North Canton girls softball wrote the book, after they learned from Hertler, who had a two time Mr. Football live in his basement.
when have they been sanctioned? where was that Mr. Football recruited from? where did he play previously?


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gary - take a cue from JLP and Mass82 and shelter in place for awhile before spewing nonsense. You just got whacked in your own house.
garydads post count for the same paste now = 13


for your last-game-of-the-season count ( 1972~2020)
TIG = 7 W / 42 L
BUL = 10 W / 39 L




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Another great job by Yappsters. If there was a difference it was Tyrrells masterful job of showing his guys how much he believed in them.
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