Rate your IRL humor


  • 9 (girls laugh but my boss doesn't)

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  • 5 (if i was more hip to the trends i would be a solid 8)

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  • 2 (laughing with only because of pity)

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  • 1 (i laugh and other people walk away)

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I have never considered myself to be a comedian like some people whose presence alone brings the laughs to the entire room.

I am capable of making a cheeky remark at the opportune moment but for the most I sit by and laugh at others who are quality jokers.

I'm a 3 -

All my best material is off color!


Today's color is blue like my favorite movies!
75th percentile for me irl. OP's parameters are lousy.

maybe 65th, actually, to offset the times I've made people cry.....
I don't consider myself to be funny, but I guess I have a polarizing sense of humor. Some people think I'm hilarious, others just sort of smirk and nod.
5 is basically saying you are not funny. I guess it isn't a rating system, more like pick your corresponding number.
Totally with Sig, here. In fact, that describes me perfectly. I rated myself an 8 because most of my sarcasm is well recepted, but sometimes it turns people off.