Racers '01 Elite PRIVATE TRYOUTS

The Racers '01 Elite team will be conducting PRIVATE tryouts to fill their remaining positions. We are looking for a starting pitcher, Catcher, 3B and speed outfielder. This team successfully placed 7 girls into college programs this year and more last year, with the remaining players receiving multiple college offers that are pending.

With the majority of our players going to college this fall, we will play a shortened 4 tournament schedule in the summer of 2020. The tournaments will all be local in Northeast Ohio. We are looking for 2019's who want to continue playing after their Freshman year of College or strong 2020 players who intend to play in college.

2019 Results: Elite 8 at Lasers, Elite 8 at GAPSS, Runner Up in Slam Series (rained out before completing) Champions of Summit Shootout, Champion at D1 Fastpitch Outlaws Tournament.

Please contact Kevin Pratt @ 330-962-7104 or email at: prattmandu@yahoo.com
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