Python swallows woman at plantation in Indonesia


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Jahrah, a rubber-tapper reportedly in her 50s, had made her way to work at a rubber plantation on Sunday morning.

She was reported missing after failing to return that night, and search parties sent out to find her. A day later villagers found a python with what appeared to be a large stomach.

Locals later killed the snake and found her body inside.

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Largely intact is to be expected. A python has no means or intention, for that matter, to dismember her. Once suffocated, the snake would have spent as much time as was necessary crushing and cracking her bones to make swallowing her easier.

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Here is some more snake information, EagleFan:

Snakes have a unique digestive system that allows them digest egg shells and even the bones of their prey. However, hair, claws, and insect exoskeletons are usually regurgitated.

EagleFan, I’m not encouraging cannibalism, mind you, but, if you were to swallow someone; me for example, or any part of me, would you regurgitate any particular parts of me or would you keep it all in your belly?