Public School District Students to Private Schools


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Is that in the Pymatuning Valley/Andover area? My wife graduated from Conneaut, and my mother-in-law is a regular at a campground in Andover, so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. My wife always said she thought they had a lot of Amish in her area (and across the PA line), until she moved down here into good ol' Wayne County and got to see Holmes County up close. LoL
That is correct, the Cardinal District which includes heavily Amish Middlefield is another one with a crazy high % of grade school aged kids not using the local public school.


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Is it any different than fathers coaching sons?
A coach has many opportunities to improve an athletes respect for the coach and desire to be a part of the team. Not so much for the teacher who has kids that don't like authority, don't want to be there and take their frustration out on the teachers kids.


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Do Amish kids go to school beyond 8th grade?

The Amish believe strongly in education, but only provide formal education through the eighth grade. They are exempt from state compulsory attendance beyond the eighth grade based on religious principles. Schooling concentrates on the basic reading, writing and math skills, along with vocational training and socialization in Amish history and values.


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Is it any different than fathers coaching sons?
In my experience, yes. My dad coached me in middle school and was also a teacher at my high school. As my coach I only had to worry about my dad being extra hard on me. Once I got to high school I had to deal with the full weight of the district having higher expectations for me than normal students. If I were to breathe in the wrong direction it was a federal case. The single time I did get in trouble I feel like the district felt they had to be extra hard on me to avoid favoritism. And because my dad is a teacher my parents didn't feel like they could challenge the punishment.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my high school experience, but I can certainly understand students not wanting to go to the school where their parent teaches.


There are a couple rural school districts that are head scratchers. Dalton is in the middle of rural Wayne County, where does almost 50% of the kids go to grade school if not the public school? Is it Amish home schooling? On the flip side not 1 kid in Coldwater goes to a private grade school, same with Marion. Looks like those MAC schools have no comp when it comes to local privates...
Dalton district has a large number of Amish and conservative mennonites, both of which primarily just go to the 8th grade.