Prodigy Wrestling Academy-East Cincinnati: PRACTICE ON SUNDAY 2/21 @ 2 pm!

Prodigy Wrestling Academy will start holding Gradeschool practices at our PWA-East Cincinnati site (Fairfax).

Open to:
  • All Wrestlers K - 6th Grade
  • Beginner, Novice and Intermediate wrestlers
  • Starts Sunday, February 7th
  • Will continue until further notice
Days and Times:
  • Sundays at 2 pm
  • More days and times will be added as programs grow
  • $10 Drop-In at the door (Cash only please)
pwa east location.PNG
SUNDAY, 2/18/21, 2 pm - Check it out!

These workouts are geared toward those Novice (1st/2nd year wrestlers) and Intermediate (3rd/4th year wrestlers) that want to continue to be on the mat and improve but might not be training for the state tournament for this year. Small group and personalized attention to keep improving in the sport of wrestling. Coach Manning will make sure you get the workout and instruction that you need!

Practices are geared more towards technique and skills than the intensity of preparing for end-of-the-season tournaments.

East Cincinnati Wrestling Families - CHECK IT OUT this Sunday at 2 pm!
Our goal is to create a place for wrestlers on the East Side of Cincinnati that will teach wrestlers a solid foundation for wrestling. At this point, we are concentrating on gradeschool wrestlers wanting to get mat time if their seasons are finished or want some extra time as they prepare for gradeschool state! Coach Manning will work on building those foundational skills for every wrestler.

We encourage wrestlers who have attended PWA to give our East site a try this Sunday at 2 pm!