Post Season Interview with Bryson Winbush Columbus Hartley Wide Receiver


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Name Bryson Winbush

School Bishop Hartley

Position Wide Receiver

Which game did you enjoy the most during the 2022 season?

What was the one goal you set for yourself heading into the 2022 season? Did you achieve that goal?
One goal I had set for myself this season was to improve my game on all levels. I felt like in my freshman season there were a lot of things I needed to clean up since I would be playing at a higher level in my sophomore season. One area that I wanted to focus on was my strength. I believe I achieved that goal pretty well and improved in many ways that were able to help me during the season.

After two days were completed, what goal did you have for your team? Did the team achieve that goal?
One goal we had as a team was to play tough all the time and to play together. The training in the summer I believe helped us to come together and overall strengthen each other and help us to get better as a unit.

b]What was the best part of the 2022 season, along with the toughest part?
The best part of the 2022 season was traveling with the team. We were a very tight-knit group so every trip we had was fun to be with my brothers. The further we got in the season the closer it seemed we came together making it a good experience. The toughest part would have to be some of the injuries we experienced during the season. Some guys had battled injuries which were tough on our team but we had very good depth which helped us to be able to adapt in areas we needed to.

Hartley had just two home games during the 2022 season. Why was that?
I think we had 2 home games to really prepare us for playoffs. We would be traveling a lot in the post-season so we would be prepared for those games.

Piggybacking off of the last question, how tough was it having just two home games?
It was hard to get some teams down to play us at home. However,. a lot of our away games felt just like home games because of all of the support we got from everyone that’s traveled with us

[/b]The game I enjoyed the most was against Kipp. The atmosphere is something I will never forget and that was our first home game. It was also homecoming so that game was a great experience

Which game did you like least from the 2022 season?
Honestly, there was not a game I liked the least. Every week I enjoy playing the game of football so I enjoy every game. There were losses that really hurt but that comes with the game of football so every game I got to play I enjoyed

Of the teams on the 2022 schedule, which team did you most look forward to competing against?
The game I looked forward to playing in the most was against Bishop Watterson. That game was amazing to be a part of. Being that they are CCL rivals the atmosphere during that game was nothing I ever experienced. The game was also for the CCL championship which is a huge deal to us so that game was definitely one I looked forward to

You play for one of the best coaches in the state, in my opinion. What is it like playing for Coach Burchfield?
Playing for coach Burchfield is honestly a joy. We all know he is a great football coach but he also betters all of us as young men. He is a tough coach and pushes each and every one of us to be our best on and off the field which we all need. Coach Burchfield also is very wise when it comes to the game of football so being able to play under him is truly an honor and something I am blessed to be able to do

What is the best part about playing at Hartley?
The best part about playing at bishop hartley is our culture. The atmosphere at every game and the support we get is truly a blessing to be a part of. We are a big community and bishop hartley and to be able to see us come together around the game of football is a beautiful thing.


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Scheduling difficulties and those who played at Hartley in 2021 did not want to come to Hartley again.....simple.....
This is true about the scheduling difficulties! In the 2016 Hartley played 7 games on the road and went on to win the State Championship.