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Use this thread to post a picture that you took.

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Just letting us know Cavs are #1. (will have to let her know 2 is more accurate)

And of course, the females in my life are my bosses.


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Well how do posters put pics in without it being an attachment?

Wasn't it something with an ip address sandwiched between [img/] ?


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June 2020, Medina County. Photo of my Red-winged Black Bird, Rodrigo. Next to Rodrigo is some other larger bird with a gosling in it's clutches. Rodrigo was not happy that the larger bird was near his nest and chased it off. Prior to landing, Rodrigo jumped on the larger birds back for a moment while in flight. Rodrigo respects all, but fears none!Rodrigo the Red-winged Blackbird.jpg


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The Shawshank Tree in Richland County a year or two before it finally blew over. Took this in '14. The rock wall starts just behind the trunk and runs diagonally to the left back to the tree-line. The field was fenced off with a sign warning that it was monitored via video cameras. Andys Tree.jpg


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Ever since I saw the movie "Johnny Tremain" in fourth grade in 1968, I wanted to see the Old North Church where the sexton hung the lanterns for Paul Revere. Only took 48 years to make the trip.