Poland Seminary vs. Salem 10/17/20

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30 straight for the dawgs. Thought Salem could keep a 21-0 lead but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Who does Poland play next week? Chagrin falls?

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That’s 2 straight weeks salem didn’t score In the second half. If struthers had a pulse workout timeouts and bad snaps they would have played this week. That’s on the coach losing a game when you’re up 21-0


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I hope someone who was at the game can tell me how Poland got down so quickly.
Salem came to play. Credit to them. And, Poland was outcoached. Period. Credit to their HC.

The defense woke up late and one big play and some gadget plays (wildcat and a big reverse) got them back in it.

That all being said, they were legitimately robbed of a TD in the first half. Kid dove well into the endzone and when he stretched Salem grabbed the ball. They called it a turnover! One of the worst calls I have ever seen.