Please post your ranked top 5 Moe RBs all time

Want a little eductation on Moeller RB history. Please rank your top 5 all time in Crusader history.. and feel free to give some honorable mentions.

I started at Moe in fall of ‘04.

While there have been several good backs since I started at Moe I can only rank 2 as truly exceptional.

1. Jordan Marshall— easily the most talented back I’ve seen play for the Crusaders. While his size maybe slightly below average(from a P5 recruiting perspective) he makes up for it with a bevy of other exceptional skills and the heart of a lion.
Speed — very good, leaning toward exceptional
Agility/Elusiveness— exceptionally elite
Power — exceptional
Vision/patience — very good
Pass Pro — very good
Route running/hands — very good

Underrated by some recruiting outlets IMO. Should be on the border of super high 4-star / low 5-star. If he weighed 210 he’d be the number 1 back in the nation in his class.

What also impresses me a lot is the academic quality of a ton of the Universities on his offer list. He must be a very bright young man.

2. Keith Watkins — On a personal note, a small kind gesture from his family made my soul smile.
Wiry build but still ran with great determination and very good power. Had tremendous vision and quick yet patient feet.

Speed — very good
Agility/Elusiveness— exceptionally elite
Power — very good
Vision/patience — exceptional
Pass Pro — good
Route running/hands — very good

Also a bright individual attending Northwestern.

As a Buckeye fan I don’t have high hopes for Marshall going to Columbus. I think he’ll attend an elite academic University. I’m sure ND will offer and (PUKE) the school up north are likely destinations. Maybe I’m wrong. While not an elite University Ohio State is still good academically. Columbus is also a city of opportunity and the Buckeyes offer a shot at a Natty. Buckeyes are also a top program for putting young men in the league. I would also love to see him go to UC… just anything but TTUN(would obviously still wish him prosperity). Even my favorite MLB player of all time went to that school up north, but being a Crusader and a Redleg great more than makes up for it. (#11 Barry Larkin ignited my love for baseball and the Reds in the early 90s before I even reached age 5, age 7 I began attending Moeller sports camps and found out Larkin and Griffey Jr went to Moeller. My dad was a Panther but the Crusader sports camps, the history, the stars, but more importantly the way I was treated made me fall in love and desire to attend Big Moe. That plus growing up 8 min away and going to St. Gertrude kind of set it in stone. I also was accepted into that school over on northbend but I sensed a greater feeling of tight knit family at Moeller)

Sorry I was way off topic, let’s get listing those great Crusader RBs
As always GBM!


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In no particular order, the Francisco brothers, Mike Olexa, Keith Watkins, Jordan Marshall and Matt Keller. GBM

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Never saw the Francisco brothers play. I would go with what some of the others have said - Carlos Collins, Mike Kamphake, Matt Keller, Jordan Marshall, Keith Watkins

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Hiawatha and Djuan Francisco, Eric Ellington, Carolos Collins and Keith Watkins. Now you can add Jordan Marshall to the list.


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Jordan Marshall is the best RB I have seen in the Cincinnati area since Shawn Alexander. You could see some flashes of brilliance with Spencer Ware but he wasn't as polished as Jordan Marshall is right now. If Marshall picks the right college situation and can stay healthy he is going to play on Sundays.


The Francisco Brothers, Eric Ellington and Mark Brooks come to mind. Any number of backs could be considered for the 5th spot. I'm curious, how many went on to have success in college like they did at Moeller. I have to admit I was a bit negligent in following their careers after leaving Moeller. You also have to admit, Moeller's o-line advantage through those early years sure helped make a lot of backs even better. Eric Ellington was always fun to watch because of his speed. Brooks was power and finesse.

From an O-line perspective there was nothing scarier for opposing defenses than seeing Jim Brown pull and lead a sweep. He was a great guy and a beast on the field. He had some success at Penn State but I think a knee injury prevented him from going further.