Planters Announces Mr. Peanut Has Died at Age 104 Ahead of 2020 Super Bowl


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Peanuts are too damaging to the environment so he identifies as an almond now
Almonds actually get beat up more because they take a gallon of water to produce one almond and are a big contributor to Cali drought conditions. Maybe he identifies as a Brazil Nut now :ROFLMAO:


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Thoughts and prayers. He was a well-liked nut. Loved by many. RIP Mr. Peanut*.

*I'm a bit ashamed to admit, I don't even know Mr. Peanut's first name, even though I met him on many occasions.


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So the Mr. Peanut funeral Super Bowl commercial brought to us Baby Nut, an obvious attempt to jump on the Baby Yoda bandwagon. But at least "Baby Yoda" is safe to Google...