Philadelphia Eagles fire head coach Doug Pederson


Go Buckeyes
The Eagles fired coach Doug Pederson on Monday, ending a partnership that delivered the first and only Super Bowl title in the city's history.

Pederson was expected to remain as coach despite a 4-11-1 finish this season, but multiple meetings with owner Jeffrey Lurie over the past week left his boss unconvinced that Pederson had a sound vision for how to address the myriad issues facing the team, sources said, from navigating the Carson Wentz situation to fixing an offense that finished 26th in scoring (20.9 PPG) and 28th in passing yards (207.9 YPG) in 2020.


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Commented on this in the other thread about the season.

I was wrong. I thought the tank job was mandated from the top as that was the only conceivable way I could see the reason why he did what he did.
Coaches, and players alike, play. to. win. the. game and draft pick be damned!


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No kidding. To 99% of the players and coaches, it is all about winning. When your HC bails on a close game, you lose the locker room. I'm wondering if Pederson was in a bookie's pocket and was fixing - it was that bad.