Peters Township 43 West Toronto PREP 7


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Peters Township 43 West Toronto Prep 7

This was my second trip the Wolvarena,a nice stadium that seats 14.000 but had virtually no parking, with a weak PA system, with a tiny scoreboard, that is hard to see completely, when setting towards the middle section on the steep side. Overall I still enjoy games there.

This game featured two teams that I had not seen play before. Peters Township, from Pa. and West Toronto Prep, from Canada.
I really had no clue what to expect, other than Peter;s Township winning and winning big. When all was said and done and without being mean, just honest, I thought that I would not see a team all season long worse than West Toronto Prep, but that would be proven wrong twice on Saturday.

Now to the game.
At the 10:22 mark of the opening quarter Peters Township would go 2-0, after Seth Luksik planted the West Toronto Prep quarterback Ethan Payne in the turf in his own end zone.

A three yard run by Ryan Magiske put the Indians up 8-0. The point after kick was blocked, leaving this a 8-0 game, with 7:37 left. The drive totaled fifty six yards and took eight plays.

When Prep got the ball back, they would be forced to punt after losing fourteen yards on the drive and things got worse, when Gabe Maloni blocked the punt, which ended up giving the Indians a first and ten at the Prep fourteen yard line, with 5:43 showing on the clock.

Sophomore quarterback,Logan Pfeuffer would need only one play to get his tribe into the end zone as his pass to Maloni was complete, for the fourteen yard score. The point after kick by #28(not on the roster I have)but I am guessing the kick was by Brian Bruzdewicz was good, making this an 15-0 game,with 5:34 left.

With 3:48 left in the one side quarter, Josh Casilli to the ball and sprinted twenty four yards for another Indians score. The point after kick was good making this a 22-0 game. This drive totaled forty yards and needed just three plays.

Misery continued for Prep, when #28 Bruzdewicz pounced on a fumble, giving the Indians the ball back, with 3:37 left. A fifteen yard flag was thrown on prep to add insult to injury as their level of play continue to go down hill.

The score would balloon to 28-0, after Adrian William punched it in from two yards in. The point after kicked increased the lead to29-0. William set his score up, with a fifteen yard run.

With 2:54 left on the first quarter clock, Prep got a thirteen yard pass from Payne to Jason Briones. That would be the only positive play for Prep,with a punt taking place a short time later. On the punt Donovan McMillon would field the ball near the thirty four yard line and take it sixty plus yards for another Indians score. The point after kick made this a 36-0 game, with 1:31 seconds left in the quarter.

Payne would be sacked by Ian Chaudhari for a four yard loss, as the Indians defense stayed on the warpath, with no signs of letting up.
The quarter came to a close,with Corban Hondru and Michael Peyton teamed up to hold John Lubemba to no gain. The running back for Prep had no chance on this play.

The Indians would prove to be human after all, when they fumbled the ball and it was recovered by Michael Rochon from Prep, with only eighteen seconds going into the second quarter. Prep would get a two yard gain from Briones, who was stopped on the play by Hondru, with 10:36 left. Then Casilli picked off a Prep pass, with 9:43 left in a slow starting second quarter. The ball was tipped to make the pick even more impressive, as Casilli showed get poise and concentration on the play.

The biggest hit of the game came with 7:35 left in the half, when Ryan Magiske laid the pads to Briones to bring up a third and thirty.
The prep offense up to this point had,had just one nice play. Another good play from the Indians came with 2:45 left and that was a sack on the Prep quarterback by Hondru and Zach Magnotti. Another sack by the Indians came from Hondru and Logan Clark, with two minutes left. Three seconds later a bad snap caused the Prep punter to be tackled by Maloni and Nico Pate on his own twelve yard line.
The final score of the half came from Ryan Magiske on a twelve yard run, with 1:22 left. The point after kick by made the half time score 43-0.

The second half was played with a running clock,leaving little time for much action.
Prep would get a short touchdown run from Just Fawcett with 9:55 left in the game. The point after from #22 Ryan Butler made this a 43-7 game.

Two final plays one from each team would happen before this one was over.
With 3:54 left Prep got a twenty four yard completion from Payne to Fawcett and then with 31.9 seconds left Payne was picked off by Michael McDonald in the end zone on a leaping catch.

Peters Township
43 plays, 104 yards
Passing 4-10 1 TD
Flags 7

West Toronto Prep
46 plays, 18 yards
passing 8-19 2 Int's
Flags 16

Pics can be found following the following link.
(Just cop and paste)
Also they are on my twitter page

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