Perrysburg D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)


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I know that it’s early to be posting these, and we don’t know what next season will look like in the fall. Honestly, these are just for entertainment anyway, so I might as well post them during this empty period.

These initially rankings are just last year’s weights with the seniors taken out. I’ll start to move wrestlers around as the off-season progresses.

The freshmen are those listed in Boro Fan’s thread about incoming freshmen. Some were listed with 2 potential schools (and I just took a guess), so let me know if there are any that are mislabeled, or if there are any wrestlers who will be transferring schools.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2nd wrestler ranked from the same team. I’ll rank an extra wrestler at these weights.

1. Micah Medina- Clay (SQ)
2. Colin Noel- Elyria (SQ)
3. Hudson Goebel- Findlay (SQ)
4. Wyatt Richter- St. Edward (SQ)
5. Ty Daugherty- Avon (5th district)
6. Cole McKinley- Sylvania Northview (6th district)
7. Ryan Avalos- Perrysburg
8. Emilio Arellano- Whitmer

Freshmen to Watch:
Ryan Bennett- St. Edward (3rd, 1st middle school state)
Nehemiah Sanderfer- St. Edward (7th middle school state 2019)
Kade Brown- St. Edward (8th middle school state 2019)

1. Jacob Moon- Clay (SQ, 3rd state)
2. Peyton Fenton- Elyria (SQ, 1st state)
3. Sean Seefeldt- St. Edward (SQ, 2nd state)
4. Nick Rodriguez- Clay#
5. Cael Saxton- Avon (SQ, 8th state)
6. Santino Humphrey- Lorain (6th district)
7. T.J. Barnes- Findlay
8. Donald Wingate- Whitmer
9. Brian Kennedy- Berea-Midpark

Freshmen to Watch:
Santino Duniec- St. Ignatius
Diego Chavez- Perrysburg

1. Richie Delsanter- St. Edward (SQ, 6th, 5th state)
2. Kenneth Lambert- Strongsville (SQ)
3. Tony Gill- Whitmer (6th district)
4. Myles Takats- Perrysburg
5. Ethan Mitchell- Findlay
6. Xavier Santiago- Lorain*
7. William Zaborski- Start
8. Jayden Colon- Parma

Freshmen to Watch:
Tristin Greene- Elyria (8th middle school state 2019)
Jackson Turner- St. John’s Jesuit
John Paul- Findlay

1. Kayden Kralik- St. Edward (SQ)
2. Joey Blaze- Perrysburg (SQ)
3. Shane Heil- Berea-Midpark (6th district, 7th state 2019)
4. David Miller- North Royalton (SQ)
5. Jack Elmore- St. Edward#
6. Cainan Comerford- Olmsted Falls
7. Ethan Sear- Avon (6th district 2019)
8. Jimmy Phadphom- Findlay
9. Jack Bush- St. Ignatius

Freshmen to Watch:
Patrick Androsik- St. Edward
Bobby Hopkins- St. Edward

1. Nathan Burnett- Elyria (SQ, 5th state)
2. Jack Haskin- Whitmer (SQ, 6th state)
3. Mike Daly- Clay (SQ)
4. Allenson Denkins- Perrysburg (5th district)
5. Andrew Stoll- (Holland) Springfield
6. Carson Atkins- Olmsted Falls
7. Noah Mendez- Steele
8. Joe Mrosko- Avon

Freshmen to Watch:
Gabe Borror- Midview
Jake Wood- Perrysburg

1. Evan Bennett- St. Edward (SQ)
2. Wynton Denkins- Perrysburg
3. Anthony Grecol- Strongsville
4. Jacob Toth- Olmsted Falls
5. Cole Dodson- (Holland) Springfield
6. Anthony Brady- Shaker Hts.
7. Ryan Weaver- Fremont Ross
8. Sam Infante- St. Ignatius

Freshman to Watch:
Elijah Simms- Fremont Ross

1. Luke Geog- St. Edward
2. Daniel Devera- Parma (SQ)
3. Nathan Urry- Olmsted Falls (SQ)
4. Cade Robertson- Avon*
5. Dominico Migliori- Clay (5th district)
6. Tommy West- St. Edward#
7. Nathan Frost- Normandy
8. Izzak Pedraza- Elyria
9. Aaron Bowsher- Lima Senior

1. Derek Fields- Brunswick (SQ)
2. Enrique Munguia- Elyria (SQ, 2nd state)
3. Alex Garee- Perrysburg (SQ)
4. Brandon Burkhart- Olmsted Falls (5th district)
5. Gabe Walentowski- Clay
6. Isaiah Schlegel- Whitmer
7. Jarell Young- St. Ignatius
8. Spencer Reardon- Berea-Midpark

1. Paddy Gallagher- St Edward (SQ, 1st, 3rd state)
2. Conner Liber- Sylvania Northview (SQ)
3. Noah Ewen- Perrysburg (5th district, 6th state 2019)
4. Brandy Crawford- Elyria
5. R.J. Simon- Olmsted Falls
6. Antwain Williams- Whitmer
7. Elijah Loredo- Toledo St. Francis
8. Corvin Smith- Parma

Freshmen to Watch:
Brayden Shuster- Whitmer
Hector Garcia- St. Edward
Brady Czerniakowski- Sylvania Southview

1. Hudson Hightower- St. Edward (SQ, 5th state)
2. Tyler Weseman- Clay (SQ)
3. Andrew Liber- Sylvania Northview (SQ)
4. Jonathan Norwood- Elyria (5th district)
5. Jayden Jackson- Lakewood (6th district)
6. Aris Dashiell- St. Edward#
7. Mackie Perdue- Steele*
8. Joe Roesch- Avon
9. Gavin Miner- Olmsted Falls

1. Jake Evans- Elyria (SQ, 4th state)
2. Ryan Musgrove- Perrysburg (SQ)
3. Jimmy Paletta- Berea-Midpark (5th district)
4. John Schmidt- Brunswick
5. Cameron Piercy- Whitmer
6. Michael Kilbane- St. Edward
7. Chad Boskovich- Olmsted Falls
8. Chris Douglas- North Ridgeville

1. Ty Cobb- Clay (SQ)
2. Zach Porch- Berea-Midpark (6th district 2019)
3. Chance Robinson- St. Edward (6th district)
4. Brayden Butzin- Perrysburg
5. Abdul Karimi-Silmi- North Olmsted
6. Louis Caraballo- Olmsted Falls
7. Nistor Krizan- Lakewood
8. Mo Zayed- Westlake

1. Lavell Gibson- Steele
2. Brandyn Bates- Lakewood
3. Darios Paree- John Marshall*
4. Kyle Vlcek- St. Edward
5. Preston Green- Fremont Ross
6. Aiden Leslie- Parma
7. Hunter McHugh- Avon Lake
8. Gage Steffe- Elyria

Freshmen to Watch:
Jonny Slaper- St. Edward (4th middle school state 2019)
Ryan Auvil- Steele
Nick Pfeiffer- Clay
Michael Ison- Strongsville

1. Ethan Green- Fremont Ross (SQ)
2. Mason Bingham- Avon (SQ)
3. Jerry White- Olmsted Falls (5th district)
4. Daniel Yu- Berea-Midpark (6th district)
5. Max Farmer- Findlay
6. Evan Sevastos- Brunswick
7. Logan Moody- Whitmer
8. Othman Awad- Lakewood

Freshmen to Watch:
Ross Auvil- Steele
Matthew Lugo- St. Ignatius
Mustafa Woodi- Shaker Hts.

1. St. Edward
2. Elyria
3. Perrysburg
4. Clay
5. Olmsted Falls
6. Whitmer
7. Avon
8. Berea-Midpark

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce


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These rankings will change big time with all the transfers in this district.
I'm all ears if you want to be more specific. I'll start moving guys around in weight for the next set of rankings, but I don't have any inside info on kids switching schools.